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  for caregivers and sufferers.     Dh is home but went so straight back to work it's like he's still not home.   Coached my first soccer game and it was all very cute.  I have a good little team and they actually passed the ball to each other during the game!  Unprecedented I tell you.  
Kerc - Hmm, dd is also having trouble turning off her brain and getting to sleep.  Would apple cider vinegar be a nonalcoholic substitution do you think?
JayGee - Yes to running around.  Before after school rehearsals get started I encourage the kids to do some "running and shrieking" to get it out.  I've also used the clapping to good effect.  Another one is a call and response thing that you personalize for the group.  This summer one group picked Fudge Robots, I said Fudge they called back Robots and then were quiet to see what would happen next.     Geo - High five.  I just got roped into being a soccer coach too....
MelW -  I'm so glad I'm not the only one trying to redirect the joy button usage to private spaces.     Long day here and we even cut it short.  I'd better see bedtime through or we'll all be zombies tomorrow.   Sparkle - Holy tie dye.
Morning mamas!   Real  - That is super cool about your "historical figure!"  Maybe you shouldn't mention the "historical" part to her when you meet.    MelW - So I made three jars of pickles but I didn't know if the brine had to be boiling or not so I erred on the Joy of Cooking side and did it that way.  JoC also scared me into processing the jars for 10 minutes instead of 5 so all my pickles are not nearly as brightly colored as yours nor do I expect them to be so...
I'm more or less in the same boat.  At home we're grain-free and last year I let my dd have the school lunch because it was easier.  However, this year I'm making her lunches because she didn't have the willpower (what kid would?) to avoid the grains in the lunches and sometimes there wasn't much left of the lunch if she did!  The social thing is big though.  She likes taking her lunch because her friends do too but if everyone else was buying it there I'm sure she'd want...
I'd never tried kefir before the first batch I made so I don't know what to compare it to.  It tastes most like buttermilk.  Since I thought I'd give it a go more to introduce some new and interesting bacteria into my life I guess it's okay as is, but I'd be interested to try some 'real' kefir. I'll keep it going and see if it ever develops anything bigger than the tiny bits it has now.
  So I was all jazzed to hit the market and load up on some pickling spices and veggies.  And then Ali G puked at work.  So now we're home.  And it's just the two of us until tomorrow since C is off at a slumber party and dh is flying east.  I need to motivate to get off the couch and away from My Little Pony!
mmm, thank you for the recipe Mel!     Yes, one thread is plenty!
Sparkle - Could she wear some booties with ointment on her feet?  If it's any consolation our dog has a nasty cut on her pad, from what I can't imagine, it looks like she was using a knife and it slipped.  DH and I tried to superglue it shut but she was too wiggly so we left her to her own devices.  She doesn't seem to be too bothered nor does she seem to be holding a grudge.  I'm sorry that you're in that dark place.  And that after all my big talk this morning I left my...
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