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All my births were homebirths with zero intervention. It will be fine. In my eyes there is no reason whatsoever to subject yourself to a bad experience in order to then chose what you really want. There is no reason not to have a natural birth only because it is your 1st...
I requested to join tonight. Hopefully it will be easier there for me to participate (L.K.H)
Yoga is really, really bad for me. And I usually love yoga, but not pregnant. I always carry my babies very high. So far none of them have engaged until just before pushing time. My spd get better around 36 weeks when the baby gets big enough to slide behind the pubic bone and the pressure is less. It still hurts like a bitch, but it is better. Almost 19 weeks and still only slight spd, I am cherishing every day! I will be on an airplane for 11 hours on Monday with my...
I am glad for you, but honestly the statement that spd can be cured by lower weight makes me upset. Mine starts on average at week 10 (with zero weight gain). I am not an overweight individual either, btw (at least before I am pregnant). This pregnancy my weight curve is very different that the last three times and I am doing better. Logically I should be worse.
Flowering kale, if you google lecithin and spd you will find quite some info on it. I extensively researched it almost 2 years ago. I can also recommend the belt that only goes around your hips, the belly support one are useless with spd. I am going the egg route because I honestly don't trust supplements all that much and try to get my nutrients through foods. But I love eggs, and if you don't, supplements are for sure the way to go.
I had my scan yesterday and everything looks good and healthy and we will be having a boy! I am so freaking happy and excited!!! she estimated the due ate for May, 2nd and I had it as 3/5, so it seems about right! Regarding SPD. I had it bad with my 2nd, but my 3rd horrible.  I was close to being wheelchair bound at around 25 weeks and I am not kidding. I didn't sleep for weeks in the 3rd tri because of the intense pain. I go to the chiro and so far that is the only...
I always feel very behind. I never feel any of my babies move until at least 20 weeks. I am 16 now, and there is nothing, no flutters, no anything. I don't expect anything before 20 weeks this time either. I always have my big u/s at 18-20 weeks and everytime they are sooo surprised that I had not felt the baby yet. We did Doppler this week and baby changed location , so I know bub is moving. I have a very roomy uterus < I think:)
I had this with my first and with this pregnancy. It is so, so scary. I went to the ER with my first and I had blood clots falling out of me. Good heartbeat though and he is going to be 8 years old soon. <3 This time, I didn't go in for two weeks after the severe bleeding episode (I assumed I miscarried, but a sac never came out, so I finally decided to check) Again a healthy babe with a good heartbeat. I am almost 16 weeks and heard the heartbeat again today. Just one...
I am so sorry. I had it with my first two and it HURTS! I tried witch hazel and that felt good, but honestly nothing really helped to make it go away! It is hormonal and you will have issues treating it from the outside. Just maybe make it less painful! Raw honey is another thing that comes to mind!3 41022
Yes, grape seed fruit extract is safe. If not I were doomed!  I have taken Umcka before, but I can't remember if I had done any research on it. Probably yes, but I don't want to say anything wrong.
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