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Subbing Right now I'm finishing my bachelors in Anthropology & the prereqs for nursing school. I'm having a hard time deciding between and ADN at the local CC (42ish credit hours for me) or the accelerated BSN from my university (52 credit hours). There are only a couple of differences in prereqs and I could feesably apply to both and let fate decide. My ultimate goal is a CNM so maybe I should just go the BSN route straitaway.
Quote: Originally Posted by healthnutmama It's time I come out of lurkdom and introduced myself. I'm Melissa, student midwife, wife, and mother of 4 daughters. I'm just beginning my studies and I have a LOT to learn. I'm happy to be here! : Yay, you joined the thread! Everyone, this is Melissa my IRL friend who doesn't live near me anymore (but hopefully not for long ) She just started AAMI too
Quote: Originally Posted by DreamsInDigital I guess it will make me a well-rounded midwife to have experienced basically every type of birth there is huh? Oh, DID, I'm sorry. I have to say that processing my first birth I focused on how much I got out of the experience. I called it three births in one (natural labor at home for a day, labor with pit for half a day, labor with an epidural for a day, pushing, vacuume). My second taught me about...
A life long fascination with reproduction
And let me just say that I'm happy baby Miles honored me so. Also, because Kleine is apparently too humble to say so, he is the prettiest newborn I have ever seen. Absolutely perfect.
Quote: Originally Posted by MamaRabbit Synchro.... how exciting!!! Were you shaking? LOL Oh yeah. The shakes weren't happening when I needed to operate, but in any still moment they happened. They peaked right after the baby was out and breathing well. Wooof. I'm half over joyed and half freaked out and in disbelief. Thanks for all the congrats :
Quote: Originally Posted by SeekingJoy Can someone recommend a good online calculator to show how much earlier a mortgage will be paid off? We have been putting extra here and there, and knowing each time we knock a year off would be great motivation. I really like http://www.bankrate.com/brm/mortgage-calculator.asp because you can put in different types of extra payments and show the ammortization table and see how it's affected differently...
Mama is doing beautifully last I heard
Yes :Congradulations indeed:
Quote: Originally Posted by 636Jen WOW!! That's awesome! Congratulations! : Maybe it wasn't planned...but it could have been meant to be. : I'm wondering if it's so Let me say I won't brush off the thought that I may have to catch the baby again. I'd much rather have the stuff laid out and not need it than be rushing around againg
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