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One one hand I love me some coffee, on the other do I really want to spend $8ish/lb to have such luxury? Nah. I'll take 3 days of caffiene headaches to get back to my old self and I'll be eating jerkey. I *might* stash a bottle of caffiene pills just to wean myself off more slowly, but probably not.
Ill be sending you positive thoughts
saphire I've always felt a sisterly bond to you here on these boards and you've been lovingly supportive of me when I've whined about my transfer to the hospital with my first. It took me a long time to process the whole thing. I remember coming home from the hospital to the house, all prepared for birth, UGH . I recently looked at pics from that birth and the bitter half of my bitter-sweet feelings are finally fading, 3.5 years & a normal, quick homebirth later....
Please be gentle with yourself now
:: Poor Clive. Poor you guys. Poor Dirk. Poor Clive. This really really sucks.
Thanks for all the thoughts about income women! I know MWs around here charge $3600-4000 per birth, but I don't know about TN. Even if I charge half that and only have 1 birth a month that's still netting about $12000 a year which can at least support my family leanly (minus mortgage--which we plan on not having). My husband plans on continuing working as long as he's alive so it's all just for security anyway. Sounds good to me. Melissa, I am in FL and I am...
What do you think an independent homebirth midwife who takes on 2-4 clients a month nets? Quote: Originally Posted by CanidFL So tell me if I’m being ridiculous here I have decided on a business name for my future homebirth business and DH totally loves it and thinks I should reserve a web and e-mail address. He says it’s $10 a year to reserve a .com address and it gives you an e-mail too. Should I do it? I could start working on the concept of my...
Right now November 2011 is the earliest we are considering. DS2 will be 4.5 and hopefully weaned, PL'd, & able to walk across a parking lot without holding hands. DS1 will be 6.75 and hopefully be all of the above + able to tie his shoes, read somewhat, and able to ride in a high back booster before the new baby comes. it seems so far off, 3 yrs
I couldn't get a hold of the pedi today , but I'm going to try again tomorrow. I'd like to get him in for an appt before the end of the week. Does anyone else have a climber? Mickey climbs on the table on my mom's desk and he even pushes a kitchen chair to the counter and climbs up there. He's unstoppable! Suggestions to get him to stop?
Quote: Originally Posted by kittn the car seat is teathered in the back aas well as the front of the seat. it doesnt move more than an inch really...is that bad should i loosen it to make it move more? he seems ok back there most of the time these days. It absolutely needs to move less than an inch--good job and as long as your carseat allows RF tethering you're there too (Britax and Radian are the only ones I can think of that allow it). ...
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