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Quote: Originally Posted by velochic Being an adult and co-existing with your adult parents... sometimes (in my case) even *elderly* parents... is a special situation that others cannot relate to unless they are in that situation. It's good to have others to talk to about it. This is exactly why I started this thread. Thank you EVERYONE for sharing your stories! We moved in willingly and we have a long term plan to live on the same property...
If anyone is interested in offing their copy of BARP when you are done I would be a willing buyer. PM me.
Quote: Originally Posted by *MamaJen* . . . It does make me interested in investing in property that I could own free and clear without a mortgage. This has been my #1 priority. We have put our mortgaged house on the market and have moved in with my mother. The sooner our house sells the quicker we can save nearly $2000/month toward buying someplace free and clear. Quote: Originally Posted by *MamaJen* I'm not going to...
Quote: Originally Posted by busybusymomma So far I've been taking notes as suggested in the enrolleesonly site... not sure if I will continue that way or not since I end up typing them up in the computer. The important thing for me I think, is getting that info from my notes to my section 5 files. Do you mind sharing how they suggest doing notes?
For those of you who like BARP (and for those of you who don't ) you can access many articles by Robbie Davis Floyd on her webiste. http://www.davis-floyd.com/ShowPage.asp?id=158 Really awesome stuff there , I love her
MamaRabbit, what's your current method and what's not working for you? For auditory learning I'm a big fan of writing notes, but for reading I'm more of a highlighter & jotter down of ideas kind of person. I also like lists. Lists are great, IMO, for clinical stuff, but not so great for practical ideas for the hands on stuff of midwifery. For those I change the way I read. I read a couple sentences at a time and I close my eyes to envision a scenario--I practice in...
I second Heart & Hands.
IIRC the Labor Progress Handbook recomends kneeling on one knee and putting the other one out to the side. Or something like that. I like the idea of the car ride. Can't hurt. NOTHING worked to change my baby's position. Positional changes, birth tub, car ride, waiting. I think he went from being LOA to LOP with asynclytism partly because of the way his nuchal cord was wrapped. When he finally came out he did a long arc rotation. I wonder what would/could have...
After my own asynclitic birth I looked into it a lot. I found Simkin's book The Labor Progress Handbook to be one of the most enlightening resources about asyncliticism (and fetal positioning and dysfunctional labor in general). I don't know much of anything about manually manipulating a baby into more favorable positions at all.
I am 100% certain that it was the right decision too. I'm glad to hear you are in bed taking it easy
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