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When I miscarried last year, my midwife said to take a pregnancy test about a week later.  If it was still positive, there would be more to expel.  She was right.  I'm sorry, Mama.  I had a vaginal u/s to see what was left-maybe that would be a good idea?  On the other hand, I bled with my first two pregnancies in those early weeks and everything turned out just fine.   Good luck,  Mary
Wonderful story!  Congrats!  So happy for you.
Also, maybe a short and consistent yoga routine for you, right before bed?  Something like a few down dogs, forward stretches, etc.  Deep breathing.  Just a thought.  :)
I have an early riser also, and a second child that will sleep later.  Early riser can get up anywhere from 5:45-6:30.  I used to tell him he had to stay in his room/bed until 7, but recently I switched it up to 6:30.  He absolutely needs to stay in bed quietly until then.  For some reason (perhaps this seems easier to him) he is doing it.  Yay.  If it doesn't bother you ( I need to get to the kitchen first-control and mess issues) leave out some snacks he can have...
My second is a screamer.  Wow.  Not that my first was easy at age 3, but at least he didn't scream!!  He was super rational for some reason.  Well, you can't count on them being rational yet...sigh.  I remember reading the boards when my first was 3 and seeing something about zipping up your zen suit.  There is a good book (helps validate what you're experiencing is normal and common) called: Your 3 Year Old: Friend or Enemy, by Louise Bates Ames.  I recommend it, even...
Dr. Fischbein is great!!  He was my back up OB when I had my first homebirth.  He was unavailable after my first because of being in Camarillo, etc.  We were in Santa Monica at the time.  Anyway, loved him.  Good luck with your vbac!  Mary 
Me!!  With my boys, I spotted for about 3 days each, around 6-8weeks.  Sometimes it was bright red, sometimes dark.  With my third pregnancy I did not spot but started spotting and bleeding around 11.5 weeks and I just knew it was different, and miscarried a few days later.  I'm pregnant now, in my second trimester, and haven't bled at all.  You can bet I've been watching the toilet paper!!
Oh Mama, very normal 3 yr old behavior.  When my first went through that phase it was soo upsetting!!  He rarely.ever.tantrumed. in his first two years, and then bam!  I read here that you've gotta "zip up your zen suit" and ride it out.  I agree.  My second is 3 next month and I'm so in for it.  Reading the book Your 3 Year Old, Friend or Enemy by Louise Bates Ames really helped explain and validate the developmental issues going on.  They have so many changes going on...
Ha!  I call mine puppies too!  They definitely need that run!  I know how hard it is-it will get better and even out in time I'm sure.  Just keep going...maybe he just needs to get used to the new routine also.  Mary
I think cutting the nap down is a great idea-would you be able to keep it to 90 min?  My boys never really napped that long at all, so I have no idea if it's hard to cut it down.  Does your partner help put your toddler to sleep?  Would that make a difference?  I found that when I weaned my first from nursing to sleep I couldn't put him to bed for awhile.    I have to wear my kids out and get the timing right where they aren't overtired if I want an easy, quick...
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