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I went back to work 4 hours a week when the twins were 8 weeks old. I'd tank them up and they'd wait for me to get back. When they were 6 mos old I went "up" to 8 hours a week and now I work 12-15. They are 2 now. It has been great for my sanity! Yep, you'll be sleep deprived. In fact, the worst for me was when they were 4 mos old, since it had been going on for soooooo long all I wanted was 8 hours of sleep uninterrupted...... the first few weeks I was running on...
Lots and lots of hugs to you! I carried my boys almost 39 weeks and I wanted to do anything to be done! I kept reminding myself that they were a heck of a lot quieter in than out!!! less diapers, etc....... I just kicked my feet up and chilled as much as I could. But TRUST ME I hear you! The twins can gain a lot of weight in the next 3 weeks too which will help out a lot as well! So keep eating Danielle
I am guessing that you will efinitely go for the second job, and jsut the fact that you are considering staying means that you have good morals and want to give both jobs your best shot. Take the new job! Danielle
Quote: Originally Posted by lexbeach My twin A was a complete breech, and twin B was breech/transverse. I couldn't find anyone who would even come close to considering assisting me with a vaginal delivery. The c-section was very traumatic for me. I just KNEW that I could have delivered them vaginally. Of course, I was also scared (and that's probably what kept me from driving to the farm or something like that), and didn't want to do anything "unsafe."...
my twins were 7 lb 13 oz and 6 lb 1 oz at 38w5d. my singleton was 9 lb 7 oz dd. yes, it can be done- but my "bigger" twin was in the nicu and my little twin was healthier and the better nurser- go figure! I followed dr. lukes diet but not 100%. Danielle
I have an instep double jogger I love it- and I run regularly Danielle
figured I would put my .02 in, not homeschooling, not planning on it. We live in a great, small, quality district that I already pay $8000 in taxes for. I see no reason to keep my 3 home.
congrats cpop my dh is like that too, infact I have a pic of him double slinging our twins, too cute I my dh! danielle
I felt movement at 11 weeks, found out they were twins at 10 weeks
I love my isis. I worked 15 hours a week and it was my only pump and I yielded tons of milk
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