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Just saying hello! :)
Another recommendation for a Unitarian Universalist church. Our congregations are made up of atheists, agnostics and theists of many faith traditions. They will help you design a ceremony that fits your needs. More info here http://www.uua.org/beliefs/welcome/paganism/index.shtml. Best of luck!
Hi Budwana Birth,   Thank you for sharing your story here. I am UU and the format of our service would be very familiar to most Christians. Has your husband attended? Something that draws many interfaith families to our congregation is the Children's Religious Education/Exploration program. Children learn about Unitarian Universalism but also explore many of the world's major religions in the hopes that they will chose for themselves what their spiritual path will...
Thanks Karen for getting back into the fall routine! :)   I had not heard of the Sources Supper until now- looks neat. Have you done it?   Has anyone heard from Adele?   Happy Thanksgiving!
  Absolutely mind-boggling! I would love to see Jon Stewart of the Daily Show do a report on this (assuming of course that he would be supportive)!
Also a KW mom! 
Welcome Imogen and Aeress! 
 Thinking of you Starflower and wishing you a speedy recovery!   Happy Easter everyone. May this time of renewal be wonderful for each of you.
I too also already like mothering on FB!
HAPPY SPRING!!! Thanks for keeping us going around here Adele!   Adele and Treehugz, I hear the need for some TLC in your posts. A wise mama friend of mine always asks me: "What are you doing just for you these days?" A simply question that is so important. I think that you hit the nail on the head Adele re: RSC vs SGM. Volunteer time should be as much unlike your regular work as possible so that there is some component that is special just for you. I moved cross...
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