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I've always been frightened of that too. Im thinking odd angle, my kids have had lots of pics like that, take more pics of him and check if there the same or not. As long as it doesn't keep happening it should be ok :)
It ended up being a staph infection in her lymph nodes in her neck! Surgery fixed it plus antibiotics, 8 days in the hospital. Would have been nice if it wasn't blamed on her not being vaxed. She recovered nicely and is now a healthy 7 year old :)
my son likes bop it
It was in cloth diapers for my daughter, and has happened to my son a few times as well. Strange!
I delayed vaccines with my two youngest kids and last year I let them get their Dtap the 5 year old was fine but the 2.5 year old ended up with pneumonia 3 days later, they also thought he had asthma, he has been fine since, but it was really scary at the time. 
I have the same issue with my 10 year old son, he is actually getting worse. I bought him a bunk bed and he was able to sleep on the top bunk for about 3 months last year but now needs to be right beside me all night every night. I also have a 6 and 3 year old in the room/bed and they all want me beside them all the time. So i move from spot to spot all night, but the 10 year old is the most panicked and demanding, he has anxiety. At a loss as to what to do? but I'm...
Hey, Im in Surrey and have a 10 year old home schooled son who needs a buddy to hang out with
114 months with my 10 year old, plus I have had my 6 and 3 year old in there since birth. 
It sounds to me like Psoriasis, I have it really bad on my scalp
Hi I just wanted to jump in here now a reassure you. My daughter had the same thing from about 14-18 months or so, it was very strange, but went away with no changes from diet or anything that I can think of. I remember googling it too.
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