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My child went through something pretty much just like this. I ended up pulling her out of public school and homeschooled her. She was in 9th grade at the time. She is now happy and confident. She also has a very positive self esteem! She hasn't had a crying spell like that in 2 years. Homeschooling has it's challenges, but I am very grateful I did it. My daughter didn't become a statistic. If left in the public school system...I don't even want to think about it....
For my kids, there room is a place to go for quiet. They can relax in there, read, etc. I think that would be ruined if they had a TV, gaming system, computer, etc. in their room. We have an xbox. It's in the living room where everyone can enjoy it.
I wonder how you know you had a metabolic shift? My metabolism has always seemed a bit slow, but maybe I just want to place the blame there. I wonder if there is a really good way to increase your metabolism.
My daughter is 14, but wants to stay 11 forever LOL!!
My daughter's grammar has a lot of room for improvement. I am looking for a book that would cover a lot and does not say what "grade" the book is. Well, I'd be happy with a book, workbook, or website.   TIA! Kara
I just started homeschooling my 9th grader. She isn't taller then me and I am guessing she won't be shaving any time soon (her face that is). One of my doulas (she was at my 3rd birth) has homeschooled and her oldest is 17 now. They are planning how "graduation" will work.
  Quotes in green   What sort of curriculum are you looking for?  Religious? Secular? A full program? Or select individual programs/texts for each subject or each year?     Secular. What are the advantages for a full program? I was thinking about getting books for math and English. I'd like to teach her biology this year as well.   Any special needs?  At public school she is on an IEP. She is behind her peers in Math and English. Her reading comprehesion is...
I finally made up my mind to homeschool my 14 year old. I've been on the fence about it for a long time. My daughter is excited and so am I.    Can anyone help me with curriculum?   Thanks, Kara
I do not mean a birthday party. Many kids have trouble with them. I just mean with a birthday in general. I've always kept my oldest child's birthdays low key. Really the biggest difference is a cake, a few presents and people wishing her happy birthday. She does fine with attention on any other day. She has even given a sermon at church. But every year on her birthday she has a very hard time. Her anxiety is high and she'll have a tantrum where I have to really...
I explained things to my oldest daughter about her disability when she was 10ish. Knowing where all her quirks came from really helped her. She knew she was different. Knowing why helped her to process it all though. I have always told her that she would always have to work harder to learn stuff though.   My youngest is a very different case. She had an inutero stroke and walks with a walker. At 3 I'm sure she doesn't get that she had a stroke, but she has certainly...
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