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full grown sunflowers pictures toys stereo vcr a bed frame  disney figurines countless CDs and VCR tapes perscription glasses (at least twice) freshly baked cupcakes that were meant for the class one kid cut her hair a lot and badly one kid ended up breaking the others arm   the list could go on 
I felt like a broken record when my oldest was little. I was constantly saying, "mouths are for kisses." I tried to never say the word biting. I didn't want to be suggestive. I'd also make sure your child isn't in any tooth pain from cavities or teeth coming in. Also look into what your child might be so angry over.
I need some wahm job ideas. I need more money. Has anyone done those silly surveys?   Also does anyone work on trade? I knit, crochet, and sew a little....not enough to do an etsy store really. I'm just wondering about this in general really. I am not specifically as that would probably be against some rule. idk...just guessing.   Kara
I gave my daughter this drug because I was having to protect my other 2 children from her violent tantrums. She seemed to always be aggressive and defiant. The drug gave me my daughter back and allowed my other children to be safe. She adjusted quickly to the meds and took them with no probs for about a year. After that they didn't work as well and we had to change things around. My dd was about 12 and going through puberty as well. She did gain weight, but other factors...
I've known 2 sex offenders over the years. They both claimed to be innocent. The one was convicted of trading pictures of kids online. He said he was doing it to research why pedophiles do what they do. He did this 'research" every place that he had internet access (school library, his grandmothers house, etc.). The first time he got caught he got a slap on the wrist. He did it again and is now in prison.   Then this other guy was convicted of molesting an 8 year old...
I also like Bella Luna Toys on FB too!!!
I "like" MDC on Facebook, but I really LOVE MDC :D !!!
I guess I break all the rules. Oh well.    I think someone should not co-sleep if they have been drinking or doing drugs. I also think it might not be a good idea if you sleep very heavily. Common sense goes a long way. I think the people who wrote that book were writing that from a lawsuit perspective.
she takes no medications and hasn't in a while. I don't think she was dehydrated today.
So half of my house had a power outage due to electrical problems. Everything went bad and I couldn't discard it all immediately so I am worried about every disease under the sun growing in my freezer.   I cleaned my fridge several times using vinegar, Sun and Earth orange cleaner, baking soda, lemon juice, and some tea tree oil. I think my bases are covered there. Tell me if I should do more.   I'm freaking out over the freezer. Everything thawed completely and...
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