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I know there are a few others here who have CP or have kids with CP. My daughter has been having muscle cramps and spasms in her feet and legs lately. Tonight her leg cramped up so badly she fell out of her chair  and landed right on her noggin.Otherwise she isn't usually tight. I don't know what gives. Any advice? Thanks!
OMG clear packing tape! What an awesome idea!!!!! Thank you so much for that!
My house is having electrical problems. Basically half of my house keeps losing power. The problem is with an electrical box that is outside and out of my control. An electrician hired by the landlord is working on it, but I continue to have probs.   Anyway I need to feed my kids. The kitchen ulitities do not work with the exception of the light bulb. I'm scared to plug in the fridge or micro somewhere else because the heat is working just fine and I don't want to...
I had a friend with a very nuerotypical kid who can sound so much like a cat you'd be confused. She can do every emotion a car has too. And if it is "spectrumy" in your kids case, it might be one of the things that makes his life easier. At 2.5 I wouldn't worry about it too much.
Sounds cool! I wish my DDs walker could be as awesome as your son's chair.
Oh I wanted to add that my DDs tuft of hair was about the size of an eraser on a pencil and the hair was course and longish like grown up leg hair. 
My oldest has a large area called a stork bite where your child's mark is. She also has on on the back of neck where the spine meets the skull. She does have special needs but no spinal issues. My youngest had/has a mark very similiar to your childs, she also has a sacral dimple and was born with a tuft of hair where the dimple is. I don't think the stork bite has anything to do with anything, but the dimple and hair freaked me out. Turns out my gut was right. My...
It's eyebrow threading. Apparently it does work on other places http://www.wisegeek.com/what-is-eyebrow-threading.htm
I saw some alternative way to remove eyebrow and other facial hair when I was at the mall. I didn't pay much attention because I felt weird watching...it was in the middle of everything like other kiosks. She used something that looked like a rubber band string. Let me see if I can find it.
I would have said something to the mom right after she sat back down. She might not have realized her son was that sick when she came to the class, but she certainly should have left after he vomitted. Poor kid!
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