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I am bumping this thread because I need more neighbors. I thought this place would be a great place to look since you all are much more like-minded then the "average" farmville stranger. I have my calves positioned like they are nursing from their mama . Anyone else have a little fit over the nursery barn?
That's awesome! Thanks for posting the pics. My little one has 2 AFOs. I look forward to seeing her do stuff like that.
Your amazing to keep going that long!!! My girls are 4 and 2 and everyone thinks I'm nuts. Heck there are many days where I could agree LOL.
We are going to have a weaning party at a place called Jump On In. It has lots of jumpy things. It's expensive to have a party there so I'm considering it her birthday party too.
I'm totally and completely losing my mind. It's 11 pm and my 4 year old and 2 year old are still awake. My 4 yo would go to sleep if my 2 yo would let her. They are both still nursing. I've cut out naps unless it's early and she is desperate for it. Right now they are in the room awake with the lights off. There are no other noises to bug them. Some friends have suggested using melatonin. This week I've resorted to rides in the car for the 2 yo. One night it was 1 am....
I'm here for pretty much the same reason. I feel your pain.
Quote: Originally Posted by angelika13 My 3 month old had a stroke in utero and now has a diagnosis of PVL. They have not diagnosed CP yet, but we were told that in 60% of her cases CP is diagnosed at 1 yr, so we are watching and waiting. When was your DD diagnosed with CP? Well *I* diagnosed her long before a doctor. I knew at 6 months or so that I was looking at hemipelgic cp. I take my dd to a huge Children's hospital and they have a special...
It's been a long year. My daughter is 18 months and she has just started crawling. She has hemipelgia due to a stroke which is the cause of her cp. She wears 2 AFOs, has a stander and will soon have a walker. I was wondering if there were any one else on here dealing with something similiar. Thanks Kara
I think I used some sort of straw cup for my DD. One thing that helped her though was using a juice box, because I could make sure the liquid was near the top of the straw by squeezing it a little. That was she didn't have to work hard for the reward.
Mom had no drugs. I am really proud of her on that one. It was her goal. I told the mom to offer one more time and then go to sleep for a few hours herself.
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