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whew, thanks. so many things to worry about. thanks for making me less worried. cheers, marcy
my 9 week old hasn't pooped in 2 days...should i be nervous? she's been on a normal poop schedule since birth. any thoughts? thanks so much. marcy
my baby is 9 weeks old and has been pooping every day since birth but for the past 2 days she hasn't... should i be worried? She also isn't eating as often... she was eating every 2 hours for weeks but now it's more like 3-4. i'm wondering if i'm making enough milk..... thank you in advance for any insight. marcy
Just wondering how long everyone is bleeding? I'm on week 4 after my c-section and had very little bleeding for the past few weeks but today the blood turned red (from brown) and there are clots when i go to the bathroom... anyone else dealing with this? I also have pain in my upper belly... anyone feedback would be great. hoping for sleep for us all... blessings, marcy
Hello, I am the mamma of a 3 week old and was scared throughout my pregnancy that i wouldn't make milk. I knew i'd have to suppliment but was hoping to make some.... My milk came in on day 7...luckily i have 3 friends giving me milk to suppliment since my babe's weight went down 12%.... I've been pumping after each feeding during the day (4-5 times) and drinking a ton of fenugreek, lemon grass, nettle tea and to my surprise and my lactation consultants surprise I am...
thank you all for your kind words and welcoming Malia to this world!!! much love and aloha, marcy and malia (and mark)
introducing malia rain born march 28th at 12:16am yahoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!! we are so blessed. marcy
just wanted to introduce our new sweet babe. she was born on march 28th at 12:16am via last resort c-section. my original birth plan was a water birth but after laboring at 7cm for 11 hours...29 hours in all, i exhausted all birthing ctr options and started to have swelling of the cerivix. I was transferred to a hospital to a nurse midwife. Long story short, the baby's heart rate dropped off and I was almost rushed twice to have an emergency C-section. After pitocin...
thanks for sharing. i want my birth to be exactly like yours....i'm dreamin about it. mazol tov and congrats on your new babe. cheers, marcy
thanks so much for the great tip!!! cheers, marcy
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