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Quote: Originally Posted by lucky_mia I'm in Belmont and I have: a smallish house with a cute-smallish private yard within walking distance to a great elementary school, a coffee shop, the library and a playground and I see babies in slings and at their mother's breasts but my particular neighborhood doesn't have many families. A friend recently moved to Maynard and likes it very much but I don't know much about the school...
Quote: Originally Posted by Mammo2Sammo We live in Arlington and enjoy it quite a bit. It fits your ideal description. Unfortunately we don't think we will be able to buy a house here because of the cost. We live in Arlington Heights, which meets all of those needs. (although we homeschool, there is a school within walking distance). I am also really attracted to the neighborhood near the Arlington Resevoir. I don't know what that area is...
Quote: Originally Posted by dmcleary17 "We can afford around $400 and would like that to not be the top or bottom of the market in the town." do you mean $400k? yes :-)
My husband works in Bedford and we live in Braintree. His 2 hours a day (sometimes much more) a commute is killing us and we would love to move sometime before next summer. We are totally overwhelmed by the possibilities. We would love to live in a town with a really good school system. We can afford around $400 and would like that to not be the top or bottom of the market in the town. Ideally, we would like to be in a single-family house, but we would consider...
I think that the important thing is to be as consistent as possible. Maybe your husband could parent for a certain few hours every night so that you could get some solid sleep. Babies are so adaptable! I bet if you stuck to a consistent schedule that your baby would become ok with it.
hmmmm... I have a Charles and a Benjamin. They both go by the obvious nicknames, but we call them all sorts of nicknames. We are just a casual friendly family and it seriously weirds me out to call a 1 year old or a 4 year old such a grown up name. We have friends who call them Charles and Benjamin, which doesn't bother me at all, just sounds weird. I think that maybe you are being a little overly sensitive about it.
we have a Jedi in the making here too. My almost 4 year old is crazy for star wars, though has never seen the movies. He asks my sister and dad alot of questions though and has memorized the star wars section of the lego catolog. My sister bought him a book, for his birthday, that is going to send him through the roof though... http://www.amazon.com/LEGO-Star-Wars.../dp/0756655293 I am sick with excitement for him to get it in two weeks!
My oldest son is a May baby too. We loved taking him camping towards the end of his first summer. He would just lie on the air mattress and look at the trees. He was also very easy to cart around in a sling. So much easier then the next summer when he was on the move and very curious. We cloth diapers, but used dispos for any trip more than 24 hours. Mostly because camping is dirty enough without worrying about rinsing diapers and hot stinky diapers in our hot...
This warm weekend has me thinking about late spring and summer camping!!! I thought I would start a thread to talk about camp sites in the area, camping tips, etc. Anyone game? This is probably obvious to anyone to uses the state park system in MA, but Nickerson State Park on the cape is awesome! More later. I am excited to hear about others experiences.
I used Deborah for my birth 16 months ago. I loved her prenatal. She really is the most calm, caring wonderful woman you could meet. She was wonderful at my birth, but she only came with her very very new student. If you go with her, I would make sure that another experienced midwife will be there with you.
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