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Awesome score on Hanna Anderson dress.   We spend a lot of time at our Children's hospital (I have 4 kids with Juvenile Arthritis). I walked out of the house yesterday without my book (we were there literally all day) so when we arrived I hit the gift shop as they sell used books for $1. so not really a thrift shop. I scored big time. I got two brand new books for $1. They are totally cute too. It is a diary of a teenage vampire. They will make a great gift for a gift...
100% doable. I would need more details about the situation before I can advise like how many bedrooms if any etc.
That is awesome Mylie. Your kids are not really missing out on much at all going to get toys and Toys R Us. They will learn value for their money. 90% of my daughter's most beloved toys came from a thrift store. 
What do you mean Goodwill does not give back to the community? The reason why they have thrift shops is to support their job training programs. They have an awesome job training program at that. Savers/Value Village even though it is a for profit company, the reason why you get a tax donation when you donate to them because they support non profits per their website: Our longstanding success hinges on solid working relationships with 140 nonprofit partners across the US,...
So I try to buy most of our clothing used. Not just because it is thrifty and better for the planet but because I can see if the clothes will stand the test of time. So I like wearing long sleeve t-shirts as my uniform of the day. They are sometimes hard to used so I picked up one at a great price new. I wore it twice, went to take it off and the entire sleeve ripped off. 
I am pretty conservative about what we buy. We do not need more stuff. We have a list of items that we need so we do not make a lot of impulse purchases. It seems like we buy a lot of clothes though or maybe just seems like it since the kids are growing like weeds. I do keep a bag in our garage of donations so everytime we go shopping we donate a bag or more. For whatever reason the stuff breeds in our house. 
We love Value Village. We do must of our shopping there. Yes, it can be high but every 3-day weekend they have a 50% off the entire store. If you get their rewards card you shop there the day before and get 50% off. Each week one color tag is 50% off. If you donate your used stuff there, you get 20-30% coupon to use. The store is highly organized, clean and clutter free. I do not have to wade through millions of things to find what I am looking for. 
Our furnace is in our garage so not able to use that to circulate the warm air. I called every wood stove/fire place in two counties. I even emailed. I did not get a call back or email from one. Then I remembered this place where I grew up at. The service guy spent about 45 minutes with us on the phone while we figured out the model number of our wood stove. Not an easy task at all since it is literally bolted in to the fireplace. We were also debating if we needed to hire...
Can you create an experience at home? Buy good coffee and make a latte and take 45 minutes for you.    Some people energize by going out. Can you find free things to do if this is you?
How long are you planning on staying for?   We use to frequent DC quite often. We stayed in a public campground across the river from DC and then took the metrorail into the city because hotels in the city are very $$$$. The great thing about DC is almost everything is free. 
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