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Where were was the new ones made versus the old?
I am just not enough to figure out where a wood stove fan attaches at.
I do not know...worth a try.
Some clarifications: $600 a month for electric heat.    The research we have done it is actually myth about keeping your heat on at night:   Lowering your thermostat during times when you need heat less (e.g., when you're asleep or out of the house) is called thermostat setback; the equivalent practice in summertime is thermostat setup. In theory, thermostat setback and setup will almost always save energy, based on the following simple principle of heat transfer: the...
We moved into our house last year at the start of winter. We had a very mild winter. Our heating bill ran about $600 a month for the winter months. This winter is going to be a lot colder so I expect our bill to be much higher. We keep the heat at 68 degrees when we are home during the day and we use no heat at night ever no matter what the temperature is outside. I cannot lower the heat because there are 5 us living here with autoimmune arthritis. We live in a damp...
What state are you in? It sounds like what the landlord is doing is illegal even if you signed a lease. You cannot make a signed contract contrary to the law. I understand not wanting to rock the boat etc though. 
The call centers open but will only be able to answer limited questions. The best way to sign up etc is via the website. I know this because last week, I was on Townhall meeting on King 5 and spent many hours off camera discussing this very issue. 
Washington State call centers and website will not open until Oct. 1http://www.wahbexchange.org/
I was able to get it for myself through my husband's union. 
After we got back from California, we had a enough literally to drop our bags and we were off again to our regional camp for families with kids juvenile arthritis (I have four kids with JIA).    We had a wonderful trip to California and it was not expensive as people led us to believe. Or maybe we are just good at being frugal. We had been awarded a scholarship to attend the conference so our hotel was paid for. We bought lots of snacks with us but we hardly touched them...
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