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Whole Foods nation wide last month had whole organic chickens for $1.99 a pound. If you watch Whole Foods, you can get organic grass fed beef for under a $1 a pound (unadvertised in the store). I buy my milk from Whole Foods and good deals like above. We only got there every other week to get the milk. I am sure if I went there more often, I would be able to find even better buys but I do not think it is worth the 15 minutes drive for what ifs. 
Boy been out of the loop. We moved in November and I thought it would be fun to give myself a concussion so just now getting back to normal. We moved just a few blocks from our parish so we get to spend lots of time there whether daily Mass or missions etc. I am living it. I am feeling a sense peace I have never experienced before but it does cut into my computer time.
I do not think that it is too small at all. We lived in 1200 square feet with 5 kids, 3 bedrooms and home schooled and did just fine. We have friends that have 10 kids in a 3 bedroom 2 bathhouse and home school also. They are doing quite well with what space they have also.    Have you been approved for the mortgage yet? It sounds like an awesome house. When do you find out if you have it?
Also check out Michael's and/or hobby lobby in your area. Often on Sundays they have 50% off one item regular price. You can get a really nice journal for under $5.00. I have to agree it is so worth it in my book. Oh the Dollar Tree also has journals. Not as nice to get as the other places but better then a spiral bound notebook. 
My son and daughter were diagnosed through blood test then by exam. 3 of us were done exam then blood work. One son the did not do xrays for almost a year.
The only person who can truly diagnose arthritis is a rheumitoligist and they do not do xrays to start.
There are a lot more options out there for arthritis. BTW there are over 200 different types. Not all arthritis shows up in xrays. You need to see a rheumotologist. Being able to halt the prgression of this disease in its tracks is very real pissibility. According to research 11% of people will go into spontaneous remission meaning there is no known cause. According to some European studies only 4% of the population will go into remission because of diet. I know this...
boysmama that is a lot for one small boy. I hope he can see it in a positive light and not see it as a fault with himself.   Well things got worst with my niece and then her and her kids got sick. There are 3 of us in our family on remicade and we just cannot be around sick people. My 12 year old it is really dangerous for. So I ended up taking her back to her house before it was finished. I have been dealing with putting my house back together. It was destroyed. The...
My cousin passed away last night. He was only 47 but he was the exact same age as his father who died of the exact same thing. :(
Wow since I started this thread 3 days ago our lives has been turned upside down. My niece who lives in my brother's house (he lives on the East coast) moved in with us with her 2 children ages 3 and 2. The house flooded and there was extensive damage done and it will take 3-4 weeks to repair. She is a very very young mom (she is young but young as in maturity). She has been engaged multiple times this past year to multiple men. One was a Chaplain in the Army. The...
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