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Wow since I started this thread 3 days ago our lives has been turned upside down. My niece who lives in my brother's house (he lives on the East coast) moved in with us with her 2 children ages 3 and 2. The house flooded and there was extensive damage done and it will take 3-4 weeks to repair. She is a very very young mom (she is young but young as in maturity). She has been engaged multiple times this past year to multiple men. One was a Chaplain in the Army. The...
I started a new thread for us. http://www.mothering.com/community/t/1336970/the-traditional-catholic-fall-winter-2011-2012#post_16758592
I thought we really needed a new thread.     New season, new thread!!   Traditional Catholic moms thread is for all Catholic moms who strive to live according to the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church.  We may or may not attend TLM, but we are all doing our best to be faithful to the Magisterium.
Dave Ramsey has a way of savings so I think after 12 years total you no longer ever have to save for a car again.  http://www.daveramsey.com/media/flash/elearning/drive-free/player.html
You work at Starbucks? Have you applied for assistance through the cup fund for the medical bills?
Only like 3% of all coupons are used. The store is not loosing anything on a transaction used with a manufacture coupon in fact they are making money. If I bought an item and paid $1.00 cash the store gets a $1.00 but if I paid with $1.00 coupon the store gets te $1.00 plus an 8 cent handling fee from the manufacture.
I loved our CSA.  It did cost us more for our CSA then what I would have paid but I was supporting local farming so I was okay with it. The other thing I loved about it, it always had produce in it that I would have never tried and I would have never would have bought. Plus our CSA always comes with recipes for the unusual items so that was a bonus.
The show drives me crazy too but there was one episode no one has mentioned where the guy who was studying to be a minister. He does coupons so he can help the poor. He got something like 48 pairs of pants for free at Target. Funny I say the show drives me crazy, but I watch because I am afraid I might miss something like some light bulb moment. I guess that makes me almost as crazy as some of the people on the show.   I coupon. We get our papers free for home...
We wash every one's sheets weekly but two of our kids and our bed get changed like twice a week. I am not sure why my child wets there bed then without changing themselves come to our bed to lay down in. Sometimes if I am feeling blah, I will change my sheets even more frequent. I love fresh sheets. If it was plausible, I would change them daily or at least every other day.
I am just wondering if you eat a late dinner what time do you go to bed?
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