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  because the information on our credit report was not correct and it was a matter of principal. Not only was it not correct, it looked like we had not paid money owed. Not only did we not owe the money, the place that claimed we owed money had lost in court against us. We sued them and they counter sued and the judge found in our favor for our claim and gave us more money then we had asked for and on their counter suit it was dismissed. So I was beyond ticked that they...
1. you buy any natural or organic foods? We buy very little processed food. The rest of our diet is made up of a mixture of organic and non organic food.   2. What do you do for fruits and vegetables?  (frozen, canned, fresh? wide variety or just the cheapest stuff?) We buy what is in season and what is on lost leader. During the winter we do frozen veggies and a lot of frozen berries.   3. What do you eat for breakfasts? Breakfast in our house is the biggest...
If not, I do believe WIC will send one out.
Wow $10 an hour. What a great deal. Will she be considered an independent contractor?
o   The original topic was do you know anyone with zero credit score. No one on this thread said, it is not okay to have a credit card. What has been said over and over again is live your life how you feel you need to live it. If you want a credit card, Fine. No one is judging you for having one. It is your choice. But the problem is when people say you cannot live without credit. Of course you can and through out history it has been proven over and over.   The bottle...
what does that have to do with the the original topic or the fact we have chosen to go debt free? Your finances does not have anything to do with my finances nor how we choose to live our lives. As previously stated we had almost maxed out Liam's lifetime cap on our insurance. We still did not charge anything.
  and???? you put it on a credit card?  
I have to agree with you. I do not understand the attitudes either. People should be allowed to live their lives as they see fit. It reminds me when my 3rd child was about to be born. and I casually said we were not going to use bottles, people just freaked out like somehow me just breast feeding our child was some how an attack on how they parented. (this was 13 years ago)  
Wolfgang Puck had a cafe I think at MGM that was amazing. It was so good. It was hands down my favorite dining in Vegas.   If you go to the Coke Bottle (it is a giant coke bottle. You cannot miss it) on the strip you can get discount tickets (50% of more off) for that days shows around town. The downside is it does not open until around 2 pm.
  So why would it be any different for someone who does not use a credit card? I did not say we did not use the bank, I said we did not use credit cards.  
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