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Hi there, wow I am seeking some healing here... I have a mother, but she and I do not talk. She has never been close with me my whole life, and for the time I did live with her she was abusive, and her husband was physically abusive. She literally would not tell me that she loved me and I remember trying to kiss her and hug her and she would always turn her head and push me away. I never had a mom to explain sex, love, periods, raising kids or anything. Sometimes it...
My first birth was horrible and it took me a long time to process my feelings of failure which was hard, i absolutely LOVED my body in my pregnancies, i felt definately like a birth goddess. Raising my first was hard, family was unsupportive with all my "goofy ideas" and being 19, I learned a lot fast and truly have loved every minute. My 2nd birth was amazing, and empowering, I felt that I had made my goal. I love my womanly body and embrace my curves, I have grown...
this happens to my dd 5, i just take those opportunities to point out how to be a good friend and basically 'you can't win em all' if it doesn't really seem to bother her then it probably is ok with her and I wouldn't worry about it
Quote: Originally Posted by cupcakeladybug I'm curious to know what Rainbow Gatherings are. it's pretty much a whole bunch of people in the woods, cooking food, trading and bartering for things they want, praying for peace, helping out, no money, no electronics and connecting with others! i love it!
i agree, i think everyone could even use just one gathering under their belt, it is such an experiance to have even if it is not your "thing"
i wasn't breastfed at all, I bf DD and she weaned herself around 11 months and I was heartbroken. I nursed DS til he was 15 months, and I kind of felt it was mutual but I wish we would have gone longer. He was just so violent and biting, etc. and I didn't seek the support I should have
how nice another fellow peorian! I guess I don't get out that much! dh or ds? ages? pwit, wow i haven't heard of nokomis, is that north or south?
cupcake i really enjoy making my own clothes, i need to devote more time to it though, I have a lot of fabric sitting around to make dds and ds some clothes, I am the world's worst material hoarder, I buy, collect, trade whenever I can, I have so much fabric in my closet there is room for nothing else. I would also LOVE LOVE LOVE to make my own mama cloth, i would also love to get a link for a pattern if anyone has one and baba....i have a diva cup too it rocks! i...
.ooO a gathering up in the upper midwest would be nice and super convieniant!
: hoping for a northeast gathering next year!
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