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I have 4 bags from Happy Tushies. I have one I got second hand that is 5 years old and the zipper just conked out but the pul and outer fabric are still in great condition. The new one I bought from them less than 2 yrs ago has major issues with the pul inners breaking apart terribly and now even the batik fabric getting holes. Both bags have been used in rotation and washed the same way so I don't know if I just got unlucky with the newer one. The small bags I have...
Tuwaremare--yes, please add me to the roster. I believe we will be ttc in a few months as I wait for some cycles to pass. : )
I am 43 and planning on ttc once I'm physically ready. I'm wondering how long is considered safe to wait to ttc after a d & c? I know my dr will be very very conservative with his time frame and I'd like to see some other perspectives on this as well.
I just had the u/s and my poor little baby stopped growing at 12 weeks. I am staying strong but it was so hard to see my baby on the screen so perfectly formed without a heartbeat. I really wish everyone here all the best and sweet little bundles of joy for the spring. I really wanted to be on this journey but G-d had some different plans for us. I am so heartbroken on how to tell my kids and that my DH is not even here to grieve with me.
I am going in for the u/s today at 10:45. Hopefully everything will be OK, may be wishful thinking though but I'm all for miracles. One possibility is a low lying placenta. I talked to my Mom this morning and I just found out now my Dad was put in the hospital for an intestinal blockage last night and will require immediate surgery so she is not really able to process what I just told her. When I told her I was pregnant and may be now m/c she actually said, "I...
I think I'm 15 weeks now,and last night I passed this darkish glob of what looked like darkish blood and mucus at around 10 pm. My DH is away till late on Sunday on business and doesn't plan on cutting the trip early, he doesn't even have a way to get back here till Sunday. I am feeling so vulnerable and I have to take care of 6 kids alone till Sunday night even if I have to be on bedrest or the worst should be happening . I spoke to my midwife last night and she...
I love cloth diapering. : I've been using them since my 1st baby. I got rid of all my newborn and smalls with my last baby so I'm already thinking of what to get. I really think it's been great to get them potty trained sooner, like starting at 18 months! I am so glad how many diapers I've saved from landfills by cloth diapering as many kids as I have used them for.
I am so sorry for your loss. I also had a mc at 12 weeks.
Still waiting here. I can't wait to finally feel it, I love those little kicks and jabs! Yay for all the mamas who are getting them already!!
[QUOTE=Devaskyla;12099151]I think this one is the one most people use http://www.qualityinflatables.com/58480.html That's the same pool that is on clearance at Target for $5 or $10. If you have a Target near you they can check and see if they still have quantity on the floor.
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