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24 hours, 3 days, 1 week (all at my home), then 2 weeks, 4 weeks and 6 weeks at their home where we did prenatals. I like all the visits, even though I really don't "need" them. It's fun to see how much baby is gaining, and to have someone making sure we're all okay. I think there is also a natural attachment created that I appreciate being weaned away from gently, rather than abruptly.
Ds has general anxiety, and possible OCD and Tourettes. He is 5 right now and has had transitory tics since age 2.5. One of his new "tics" is arm and hand flapping. He does this A LOT. When he is excited, happy, nervous, upset, etc. It seems like he does it more than a tic, and as a way to calm and self regulate. Is this really a stim? His last tic before this was squinting at lights. Was that a stim or a tic? Is there a difference and what is the difference?
I can't control pushing either way, so what difference would an exam make? My last labor (2 weeks ago) was 2 hours and 15 minutes total. During transition my body started pushing at the ends of contractions. With my previous labor this happened, but these were just grunty pushes and it felt good. This time it felt bad and wrong and like I must be pushing against cervix. I probably was, and Dd was probably posterior which is why it didn't feel quite right. Anyway, if I had...
Have you tried using a carrier? So far when we go out in public with Dd we use the Moby Wrap. Just a tiny part of her face is showing and people don't even register that there is a baby in there until after we walk by and I hear them say, "did you see that tiny baby?"
Thanks everyone! And thanks for letting me know how your experience went Romana, I've been thinking about you!
I'm right there with you, though I already have a 5 year old Ds and just had a Dd. My theory is that little boys in our society get punished for acting out their societal imposed gender roles, while little girls get rewarded for acting out theirs. Little girls are lovingly modeled into what society wants the female to be - weak, helpless, maternal. Boys are punished for showing emotion or demonstrating any personality or physical trait that is seen as feminine. Ds has been...
Isla Fayette was born at 5:04 am on the morning of the 28th. 7 pounds 6 ounces 19 inches long I woke up at 2:50 with contractions that came every 5 minutes. 2 hours and 15 minutes later I pushed Isla out into the birth tub at home. Dh, Ds and my two midwives were present. My midwives were very hands-off and I managed Isla's birth all on my own. I lifted her to the surface myself, and she was pink and alert immediately. She wanted to nurse right away. I was worried about...
My midwife said you either loose it as one piece, or it comes out as snotty looking stuff over the weeks before birth. I lost Ds's in snotty stuff over a few weeks way, and am loosing this one that way too. I am just to where I have seen a slight amount of pink, so I think I'm getting to the end.
This isn't vacation for goodness sakes, this is a birth of a baby! Have you looked into FMLA leave? If your husband qualifies for FMLA, it is his right to take that leave through the government. He has to fill out some forms and will be approved once the baby is born and he submits the rest of the paperwork. His job can not interfere with FMLA, nor can they discriminate against him for taking it, and he can take up to 12 weeks off. The catch is that this is unpaid,...
I take 6000 IU's daily.
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