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I'd like to order some online to help are family during this cold season.
Quote: Originally Posted by tangledblue DD is the same way. She is borderline anemic and we give her the vitamin/iron supplement a few times a week. I have noticed that her appetite goes downhill and we end up in a cycle such as you described if we skip it for more than three or four days. You might want to have your ped. do a blood test for anemia, just in case. Also, I have found that she is MUCH better about eating meals if I really limit snacks. That...
Wow, thank you everyone for your quick responses!! I'm definitely going to take everything into consideration and try to figure a better system out for us. It's just so frustrating to deal with and I appreciate you all letting me vent and making me feel supported. I feel so much better already and more empowered! Thank you!
Both my kids 5 & 14mo. are such little bird eaters and bad sleepers. A few bites and then they are done and want to play or whatever. The baby will not sit in the high chair for more than a few minutes. Then I'm chasing after her with food bites while she plays. I make a good breakfast- eggs, toast, etc. they barely eat, then we go somewhere and they are crying/starving. I cook wholesome foods with healthy fats. Or it's nap or bed time and they can't fall asleep because...
I'm a sahm so I don't need dd to be there all day for work reasons. But part of me thinks she would benefit from being there all day and be better prepared for 1st grade. I worry she'll be behind the other students who were there all day. The other part thinks why rush into all day school before it's completely necessary. What are your thoughts?
I've had it!! I need to get back to the gym! The only time to make it work with our schedules is to go early in the morning while everyone still sleeps. I am NOT a morning person. I nurse our 8 month old through the night and am so tired in the mornings. But it the only time. SO, what should I eat that will wake me up and give me enough energy to workout HARD without making me too full? I am a coffe person. Should I have coffee before working out? I know I need to eat...
Decided to homeschool dd! She is 3.5 and I'd like to follow some sort of a cirriculum. I'm brand new to this and any info. would be greatly appreciated!!
subbing - excited to go grain free and try some great new recipes.
YES, I'm in!
Try soaking in vinegar.
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