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Quote: Originally Posted by Shami I would get better curtains and STRONG chain for the door. However, I think his can you walk on my back request is so, um, out of the ordinary that it may be the truth. I think if he wanted in to harm you, he would have come up with something ordinary, like, I ran out of sugar, can I borrow some? Also, you were talking about the nice person who walks their dog and cuts your grass...those are the guys I watch out...
http://www.ebfarm.com/Products/FreeStuffAndMore.aspx here's a link to current offers, in case they post more free seeds. there are other offers going right now, but no free seeds
my son is 4.5. he is 48 inches and 58 lbs. he is in size 8 clothing and 13 shoes. his clothing size has always been twice his age. he was born into 3-6 month clothing at ten lbs. my daughter was on the smaller size and was in a 3T at 4 years old. she was 6 lbs at birth and is still little. she's almost 12 now and in size ten clothing.
happy hooker is a MUST for new crocheters!!!
it's okay~ don't freak yourself out. it will happen! (or it won't if you guys aren't ready!). hugs...
another vote for earth shoes. be careful if you buy on ebay or another auction site: there is a walmart earth shoe and a reverse heel technology earth shoe. make sure you get the second one. i think people go buy earth shoes (walmart brand) and try to pass them off as the good ones.
thanks, i feel much better today. it felt really strange last night
you may check and see if they have any weleda calendula cream. also try completely removing dairy from your diet. it may take several weeks to clear up, but dairy is generally the main contributor to those kind of skin issues.
bumpity bump!
happy new year mamas and papas (maybe!!)!!!!!!! peace out!
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