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My son doesn't play much with the dolls he has at home. (Yes, dolls. He has several) Much due to neither me nor his father are very much into playing with dolls and my son prefers playingwith others. At daycare oth he loves to feed and tend to the dolls. I don't think it matter much what it looks like, but since your kid is so young, I'd try and find one either fabric, with sewed on eyes, or if plastic, with painted eyes.
He's much too young to be expected to obey on command. Impuls and immediate gratification is still what guides a child of 29 months. But yes, it will pass in time as he matures.
The natural concequence of not doing homework depends on the child. Some kids are bright enough for homework to not really teaching them anything. Mindless repetition. For others it is that they don't aquire the necessary understanding of the subject at hand. Anything else, including routinely lowered grades, are imposed, possibly but not necessarily logical, concequences. Does he struggle with his homework or does he just find it tedious?
It could be that he acctually gets too much fiber in his food. There's a delicate balance and it's different for all.
Does she have an afternoon/week with only her parents? No sibbling to share the attention with, just her and you. Because I think it may be quite possible that she doesn't feel she gets enough of your time.
I have nothing but what you have written, and since I'm not alltogether familiar with how the driving licence system works in the US, some things I might missunderstand. But, if I were your daughter, (knowing how much I still tend to react negatively at authoritarian people) I'd probably feel that "My mom doesn't care about me, only that I do as she wants. She doesn't care what Ifeel, what I want" Yeah, I don't have the full story, but an ultimatum generally set me in...
Sick people are everywhere. I don't see why there would be more of them at a concert. Since you're not worried about him drinking or using drugs, the only thing I'd worry about would be the risk of getting crushed, something which is totally dependant on the security routines at the stadiums, and the popularity of the bands he likes. And of course, if he has a seat or is standing down on the floor. I could go to concerts when I was 16 or 17. If I had wanted to, I...
My alien was 18 months last christmas. We had a tree (first time in years i lived in a place where there was room for one ) decorated with non-breakable stuff. He never tried to climb it (those needle stings a little) but he did pounce at the lower decorations (he and the cats, to be honest) So I think having a tree won't really be any hassle as long as you don't put up glass baubles in it and such
Keep in mind that they won't keep the fingers as warm if it gets really cold. (really cold = well below freezing).
I've woked as a sub teacher for ages 12-15 (twice for full semesters, including planning and grading and all that) IMO homework should consist only of what the child feel they need to do to keep up and understand the concept. If they do nothing in class, they will ahve a hard time understanding what is going on. If they work in class and feel they understand the subject at hand, they don't have to do any homework. Same for projects. If they finish it up working only while...
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