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Quote: Originally Posted by BelovedK Just a question. Is alien your Dcs name, or is that just a term of endearment? Just curious. It's a term of endearment. I don't think (or hope, you never know, they sometimes seem to flip coins on that) it would be allowed to be used as a name. (Yes we have laws about what a name is here. You're not allowed to name your children something demeaning, copyrighted or something that can be confused with a...
I'm not tired that early. I'm a definite night owl. Getting to bed before midnight is something that happens only rarely for me. And I also like to be able to either watch tv or a film with DP or play some computer games and such things that I don't have much time for (or want to do) with alien around. Same with DP who isn't quite as much an night owl, but still likes some adult time in the evenings.
He currently falls asleep at 11 pm. Removing his nap will cause him to melt down at 5 pm ( he has started skipping his nap at daycare the past week and more or less fall asleep where he's standing when i pick him up at 3. or would, if he stood still, which he of course wouldn't do)
My alien has always been rather fussy at bedtime, however, managable. Though now, with summer in full bloom, and a nice heat wave embedding sweden, getting him to sleep has turned completely impossible. It used to be fine with 15-30 minutes of swinging in the mei-tai. Now that won't work, he'll point at his crib (Yes, he sleeps in a crib right next to our bed, otherwise noone would get any sleep since alien is rather the athlete while sleeping.) and says he wants to sleep....
How about going to an amusement park. Lots of the rides have a minimum height for safety reasons.
I'd go for Khakis and some kind of shirt with a collar. That way you can easily get more then one use out of it, plus it is play friendly, two things that to me is more important thenany cuteness factor.
She sounds exactly like my alien half a year ago. My life saver was finding something called open preschool here. A place where he could run around for a few hours every day, meeting other kids, playing with toys never seen before, and just getting a change of scenery. It put us through until he started daycare. So I'd stop worrying, and just try and find some place where you and your daugher can go and she can just romp around.
I've swept through the study. And I must say that it's sort of interesting the different angles that are brought forvard in media here in sweden and in the US. Here, emphasis is on the advantages on attending swiftly to a crying baby's needs. Breast feeding is looked at in the study. And yes, the rate of BF'ing is far higher in the group of ap parents. 85% of the ap parents were breast feeding at 12 weeks compared to 37% of the londoners and 70% of the middle roaders....
I have a long while to go until I have a kid that age, however, I thought of something that may help. Involve her in your house hold economy. Give her an allowance that is to cover everything save detergent, rent and food. New clothes, books, games, dvd's, cd's... Everything that is hers only comes from her allowance. And let her have the money to spend for herself. That way she may realise that when money's out it's out. She also gets to plan for herself what she...
Quote: Originally Posted by huggerwocky I meant if you turn the knob and the gas is flowing without being burned. Modern gas stoves, at least here, have a little inbuilt safety thingy that prevents the gas from flowing if you aren't burning it. *wants a gas stove again*
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