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Keep in mind that children in around that age (and a bit younger) often "lie" because that is what they wish the world was like. Because they want their parents to be happy with them. So rather then taking it from a "lying is bad" approach, look at it from a "I'm more pleased if you feel you can always tell me things as they are." Easy in theory, but probably nowhere near as easy in practice. My alien hasn't gotten to that point of his development yet, him not being 2 yet.
human generous loving caring involved one step ahead
planning to keep little alien RF until he hits the weight limit, which is 40 - 55lbs depending on placement, or the chair gets too old.
One thing you and your DP should be aware of is that when you move back together, DS might very well treat his dad as a stranger, for not having seen him for a good long while. Something that may feel a bit hurtful to DP.
10 months is much too early to understand hitting hurts. My 19 mo still hits, occationally. What you can do is model how to touch others gently, and try to catch her before hitting, reminding ehr to be gentle. If she is caught hitting, tell her no, it's not nice to hit, hitting hurts or any variation on that theme AND show her how to be gentle instead. And I wouldn't worry about you having taught her to be rough. I'm certain you also kiss and hug her and are gentle as...
I'd like to add, as being a kid that grew up with this law, it was nice to know, that no matter what, it's not ok to hit children. My mother was spanked, and sometimes she'd threaten to spank me when i was little. And I'd look at her and tell her that she wasn't allowed to. And really, I think that bit of power given to children, helps adults to see that the child is a person too.
What would happen if you are found to be spanking, and are willing to change, or find yourself using corporeal punishment and wishing to stop doing that, you'll get help from social services to learn other methods to parent, possibly in combination with anger managment and counceling, and also counceling for the child/ren. If it is one instance, that is so severe that it falls under assault, it can be prosecuted as a crime. Same if it is going on for a long time,...
The most important thing is that children in sweden are made aware of their right to not get beaten. The laws regarding children's rights are taught in school, and also through media. Anyone working with children are required to report suspected abuse to authorities. Generally, the course of action is then to HELP the family to break their violent parenting habits. Unfortunatly, there are indications that the pendulum is starting to swing the other way, what with the...
Quote: Originally Posted by scubamama At least 8 other countries have banned corporal punishment of children. Sweden was first is 1998. Pat I belive that should be 1978. I know spanking has been illegal most of the time I've been alive, and I was born in 1975
Quote: Originally Posted by LittleLime I think it is not only how they were raised but it has to to with religious upbringing too...it seems that a common thread in all genocide is religion...one religion against another. can't write much now and haven't really fully thought out my response so excuse the half-baked-ness of it. And dont' forget the genocide committed by Saddam. Also religiously motivated. In fact there are a number of...
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