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How far along are you now? 39w2d Any signs of labour getting close? Last Wednesday I had some intense contractions and thought it might be impending, but nothing since. So disappointing! any appointments coming up soon? I see the midwife on Thursday afternoon - baby due Saturday Are you ready for baby? I waffle back and forth a lot between feeling very ready and suddenly getting spooked that I might have him that night and realizing all the stuff I want to do...
That was FAST! Congrats! She just snuck into being a September baby.
I'll join on your newbie bandwagon too, if you don't mind. I've been lurking around for a few weeks now. I'm due on the 8th of October, a little boy - my first baby. I had my 37 week appointment today and the nurse described me as a textbook case - I've had the simplest pregnancy known to humankind I think. Rosie
I have an old bath robe that I got a little stained due to a surprise menstrual cycle (haven't had one of those in a while!) so I think I'll wear that with a big long tee-shirt and just throw both away at the end of the day.
If it's painful, you're pressing too hard. I've had my DH do it quite a few times - it reminded me of fumbling around with teenage boys in high school. It just felt like someone was touching me and wasn't exactly sure how all the parts worked. The best way to explain how to do it is to look at the curve between your thumb and your first finger - put your first two fingers of your other hand on that piece of skin and gently move them up and down the curve - in a U shape.
I want the baby to be skin to skin as soon as he's born, so I'm wondering if there's any point in wearing a gown at all. I wish I could find a deep v-neck gown or something. Maybe one of DH's v-neck undershirts. They're nice and big and they could definitely be pulled down for some quality snuggle time.
Are you planning on giving birth totally nude, or wearing some sort of a nightgown? I'm trying to decide what to bring with me. I'm getting that urge to pack my bag. 37 weeks is a hopeful time I think.
Quote: Originally Posted by kidspiration Apparently if you skip that step it's like putting a 2x4 in your undies. LOL good thing you mentioned that - I never would have thought about it.
Rach - What kind of oils should I use?
In one of these threads someone (maybe allgirls?) was talking about freezing maxi pads... that it helps with the discomfort after birth? And something about an essential oil mix sprayed on them before freezing? More info please!! Rosie
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