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    Excellent idea!  Thank you!    
Thanks for the input.  I think my dd would be fine in a booster.  Although she does fall asleep in vehicles on longer trips.  I think I will give the booster a shot and see if she can handle it.  I just remembered that my sister will be having to pick her up once a week soon and the booster would be a nice option to throw in her car too.  We'll give it a shot and see if she is mature enough to sit properly.
My dd will be turning 5 yrs old next month (43lbs, 43.5").  She is currently in a Graco Nautilus and harnessed in.  DH HATES moving the car seats between our vehicles.  His vehicle is used very infrequently, maybe once a week tops.  We plan on buying another seat for his vehicle.  Should we go ahead an buy another Nautilus or should I put her in a booster in his vehicle?  I like the price of boosters (looking at the Graco Turbobooster) vs the Nautilus but am not 100%...
Sent you a PM. :)  
I delivered my two VBAC's with Capital Women's Care in Hagerstown at Robinwood.  I believe they do have midwives there, although mine were both delivered by one of the doctors.  The doctors do range in their comfort level on VBAC's.  For my first VBAC the doctor on call only delivered 1 other vbac before me (his wife) and was quite antsy, and I still had a successful delivery.  The second time I had one of the women doctors who was new to the practice but had delivered...
You might want to try a NTI dental device. It's not a full on mouth guard and would be much more comfortable for her. My insurance didn't cover it and I think it ran around $300.
Quote: Originally Posted by madeleines_mom What do you all say when people remark on you STILL nursing your child?? Haven't had to respond to this myself, but I'd just say with a huge smile and gleam in my eye... "Yes we are, and Thank You for asking!" That way they'd look like a jerk if they wanted to say anything else.
My sister still has her lovey (stuffed monkey) and even took it on her honeymoon! It goes everywhere with her. We took a family vacation (Disney Cruise) and the housekeeping staff had a blast with it as they incorporated her lovey in with the towel animals they leave behind. I'm sure they thought it belonged to a child though...
Quote: Originally Posted by Huck I don't know if this is possible, but can you stay "checked in" at the hospital and actually go outside with your new baby to see your daughter? Best wishes! Oooh, I like this idea! I'll have to see what I can do. Hmm, maybe I can stuff her in a duffle bag. I just don't get what someone would do if they had NO support system in town? Leave the kids outside till you're done? This all just really...
Mama, I am so very, very sorry. I second going over to the Pregnancy and Loss boards here at MDC when you are ready. That is how I first found out about MDC and it helped keep me sane. There are so many wonderful mamas over there with such wisdom and peace. I pray your family can get some rest during these difficult times. Nolan
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