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Sunfish, I am in a nearly identical situation (10 wks pg, frequent waking 18 mo old). I've been telling ds "no" or "all done" occasionally when he asks to nurse during the day (especially if I think he's just bored) to get him used to the idea that I might say no sometimes. This actually does seem to have helped a couple nights when I really had enough nursing and needed to stop. He protested, but eventually fell asleep laying across my chest. DH and I have been...
my husband and I flew to Europe when my son was the same age. I just leaned back and latched him on - no problem. You'll want dh on the side with the feet and hopefully there'll be a couple empty seats in your row. You can ask when you check-in. I've also seen flight attendants rearrange people so those with an infant have a little extra room - be nice to them and let the little one charm them ! Does your little one sleep well in the carseat? If there is an empty...
I'm just thinking about my own parents. They surely used deal-making all the way through my teenage years. Generally "rules" were non-negotiable, but we negotiated on plenty of other stuff. I think it gave us kids a sense of control over the situation (which limits rebellion) and helped us learn to respect the priorities of our parents while getting some of our own wants met. So I guess I think it's OK used wisely.
my 18 mo old's favorite fruit is "peapoo" (peaches) that on makes me laugh every time.
I really am at a loss to understand why people use time outs, especially with pre-verbal children. From what I've seen, with a toddler it involves the parent holding the child. Isn't this actually rewarding the behavior? Also, I thought philosophically time-out isn't supposed to be punishment, but older children always regard it as such. ??
Remember your goal as a parent isn't to be "perfect." As in anything else, do the best that you can do, learn from your mistakes and move on. I read somewhere that perfection in a parent would be an awful thing for a child to have to live with. Think about it - if my parents had been "perfect", I would be totally neurotic. Take care!
We had the Arms Reach mini co-sleeper when ds was a newborn because I thought I'd be more comfortable with him in his own space. In fact, he rarely ended up sleeping in it because he didn't sleep well in it and I soon found I liked his warm little body next to me! We did leave the co-sleeper attached for a very long time because it acted as a very effective bed rail. Now that ds is older (18 mo), we removed the side rail to his crib and lashed the crib to our bed. He...
Whenever my ds (18 mo) screams, I try to give him an alternative. It helps to be specific. i.e. I never say "Use your words" instead I stay "Charlie, don't scream. Say 'Mama help' (or 'please', or whatever is appropriate). This also helps him not to whine, but not as consistently.
ds will be 17 months on the 13th. His favorite word right now is "out'ide". He even wakes up in the middle of the night asking to go outside! What a fun time this is - I had no idea having a toddler would be so much fun!
My 16 month old was often doing the same thing. It seems counterintuitive, but I noticed that if I feed him a snack around 10:00 when he is getting sleepy he usually perks up and then will stay up until 11 or 11:30 (which I think is still an early nap - but it is late enough to eliminate the dreaded 6:00 nap). Hope that helps! Lara
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