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I honestly never felt anger toward my ds1 until after ds2 was born (ds1 was 25 months). It came as such a shock and I had no practice controlling it. Unfortunately, I let yelling become a habit and I'm still struggling to curb it. I really liked the book When Anger Hurts Your Kids. The most helpful thing I got from it was to recognize when I was getting stressed before I was angry. For me, I start to feel really hot - to the point of needing to take off layers of...
So, I've always given away my green tomatoes at the end of the season because I'm not interested in frying them. But I was reading the Little House books this winter with my kids and realized I could make pickles out of them. I did a google search and found lots of recipes, but I'm hoping someone out there will share a recipe they actually use and like. My mom canned when I was a kid so I know the process, but I'm not an experienced canner myself. Thanks! Lara
I found one at Bed Bath and Beyond just before Christmas. Sometimes they have them at Target or Walmart, but they didn't seem to when I was looking last month. Good luck! Lara
My 4.5 and 2.5 yo's both nurse at night. Right now they both have coughs, so I'm glad to be able to give them some breastmilk when they wake up. Most of the time though, it sux.
I often end up spending money on coffee or lunch when I have a babysitter during the day. Free things include the library, a long walk, visiting a friend or talking on the phone, and sometimes I go to the park and SWING. This feels so good! Good luck and enjoy your time. You deserve it. Lara
Cool! I live just around the corner from Peapods! In the same vein, my kids love the apple peeler/corer/slicer. We make LOTS of apple crisp around here. Lara
Quote: Originally Posted by hxcmama I am raising and educating 2 kids without much extended family help (just my dad, he is great but not the most useful with babies, housework or emotional support!) as well as running a successful business out of my home on top of *completely* managing my household finances my husbands affairs (I mean work stuff, not flings) . Evidently, that is nothing if I am not punching in somewhere. The most tactful ask simply if I...
I found the book When Anger Hurts Your Kids to be very helpful. Sorry, not much time to post! Lara
Thanks for the comments! Yes, I do live in an area where there are a lot of "smarties" running around (professors & professionals). I guess 60% just seems awful high to me, even so. It also makes me skeptical that they are providing good quality gifted services if they consider 60% of any given class to be gifted. In my imagination: "Oh, everyones's gifted here, he'll do fine with the regular curriculum. But he needs to stop asking so many questions." Lara
I didn't say it was a bad thing to have ELL learners.
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