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The teacher told her. Yeah, my concern when researching this test and looking at sample questions was that it would underidentify and basically miss a whole portion of gifted kids. Then I heard this and was really surprised. ETA: I also know that the result of using this test is that the local gifted elementary has a high proportion of ELL students.
My local school district uses the NNAT to identify gifted children. The official line is that it is the only method they use, though I don't know if this is true in practice (ds1 is old enough for kindergarten next fall). So, anyway, I was talking to my neighbor recently and found out that 60% of her daughter's Kindy class tested as "gifted". WHAT? I'm wondering if anyone has any experience/insights regarding this test. Based on the demographics of our local...
Commercial baby wipes take ballpoint and sharpie ink off my leather couches. Good luck! Lara
Hmmm, I only have a 4.5 yo and a 2.5 yo (whom I don't consider to need "schooling"), so my mission statement is "Learn to read, do vision therapy every day." what is groking? Lara
Two boys here. A sporty 4 yo and a 2 yo who I can already tell will be a ladies-man. DH and I both only have brothers and I was a tomboy, so I'm secretly relieved not to have a girl - what the heck would I do with her? Haha. Lara
Hi everyone, I'll be 41 in November. I currently have a 2.5 yo and a 4.5 yo and am struggling to decide if I want to TTC #3. I KNOW if I were younger, I'd be having a third, but I feel really unsure about the idea of having another baby now that I've hit the big 4 - 0. Lara
My 4 yo has been doing this lately and I've tried NOT to discourage it. I think it's sweet and really I don't want to encourage the idea that a gift always has to be something you went out and purchased. I also figure if it's actually his toy (not mine or his brothers or a family item), he has a right to do with it as he wants - decorate it with markers, break it open to see how it works, or give it away. I have discussed with him the difference between a gift and a...
Oh, and also this: http://naecs.crc.uiuc.edu/position/recessplay.html
That is absurd! Do these people know anything about children? Geez. Anyway, here are some articles I found: http://www.eric.ed.gov/ERICWebPortal...accno=ED463047 http://www.ericdigests.org/2003-2/recess.html Be sure to point out that you found these articles on ERIC. You could also go to www.eric.ed.gov and do some searching. Good luck!
How would he feel about the class with younger kids? I took my first swimming lessons at that age with a class of younger kids and it didn't bother me. I learned much quicker than the others and was the only one who passed to the next level. A good program should be ability based rather than age based anyway. Good luck! We are starting swimming lessons too this fall! Lara
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