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Do what feels right for you. We have to supplement in addition to bf'ing. We started in Earths Best but DD was getting very constipated so we switched to Gerber Good Start. It's not organic but it contains whey protein which is easier to digest. So far, DD has tolerated this one the best.
Hi Newlife! We have a lot in common I am 40, remarried since Sept of '12, and we are expecting our third on Nov. I got pg within a few weeks after stopping the pill. I charted using fertility friend, took vitex, and used pre seed. I also decided to consciously ignore all the discouraging info about TTC at my age. We decided to make baby making fun- and voila, here I am in a nauseous pregnant (but happy) coma. Best of luck to you-sending baby dust your way..
Name: Joanna Weeks Along: 8.5 weeks Feelings: feeling better now that we've seen a heartbeat. Feeling moody and tired alot but grateful. Symptoms: nausea, nausea and more nausea. sore BB's, tired. did I mention nausea? Next Appointment: May 4th with our amazing midwife.
sick as a dog here ,  which is why I haven't been posting very much. feeling too yucky.  
I haven't started knitting yet, but as soon as this ms subsides I'll be starting.  I think a group would be a great idea!  
it's rough.  I'm a nurse at a hospital putting in 12 hour shifts-I'm somehow managing to survive though-luckily its only 3 days a week.  I've been going to bed early and taking time to snack every couple of hours to keep (most of) the nausea at bay.  I'll be going to part time after bean is born.  
yup. that's a positive!  
sending hugs and warm thoughts to you .  
I'm 40, this is my third pregnancy-I have two girls 8 and 10.   
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