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That happened to me last week. I ate 2 bowls of cereal before bed. and woke up feeling like I was going to throw up and I did!!!!!!!!! I was shocked! I overate. So my midwife suggested taking a pepcid (pill type) once a day (I take it after supper) and just eating smaller meals and snacks. I haven't thrown up again, and I don't feel like I am eating enough, but I guess I am. I also avoid eating right before bed too. Hope it doesn't happen again!!!
Oh Mama! That is the WORST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Try to sip as many liquids as you can (water, broth, soda, anything!) and take a bath. When I got a stomach virus while 7-8 months along iwth DS2, the bath helped me feel better. BUG hugs. So sorry.. I cannot imagine how uncomfortable you are. If you feel dehydrated.. go in to get fluids. HUGS!
With DS2 I had my mw strip my membranes at 39w 1 day and he was born a week later.. 40w 1 day.. so for me it did nothing. BUT warning: don't be surprised if you get some bloody show afterwards.
I was going to post this in Pregnancy.. but figured here would be a better place (mods feel free to move it). I am expecting # 3 in a few weeks and remembering the afterpains with #2 as being terrible, horrific and saidI would never do this again! LOL! I saw Afterease on a website and was wondering if anyone has tried it? Or what are your tinctures, remedies etc for those afterpains? Thanks!
The Epi-Pen Story. DS1 is very allergic to dairy, eggs and peanuts. So much so that he cannot go near people who eat dairy or he gets hives has an eczema flare. So we ask that all friends and family that know they are going to see him that day not eat his allergens so he doesn't have a reaction. This is challenged by my soon to be SIL and DH's entire family. NO one believes us that he is so allergic to dairy. He has gotten many hives on his cheeks from relatives...
I should probably apologize for not being on MDC that much anymore.. I lurk more than post.. I used to post all the time, but with the two boys and being preggo I am really slowing down in my free time. I do go on facebook a lot and that is my primary way for communicating with people! I am going NUTSO decluttering and prepping the house for the baby. I know once he/she arrives I am not going to have time for at least a year to really get involved in heavy...
Quote: Originally Posted by Amandamanda Here is your thread Lincap! [/B] what are you craving today? how are you feeling today? if somebody gave you 1000 dollars to spend on yourself what would you buy? what is your guilty pleasure at the moment? Today I am craving: dairy free chocolate chips and salt and vinegar chips!!! But since I am boarderline GD... have to be cautious! wa wa waaaaaaa I am feeling ok.. I have had my...
I am 25 weeks along and not feeling very good. My 1 hour test is at 28 weeks. With DS1 my 1 hour was 3 points below needing 3 hour so MW told me to watch how much OJ I drink etc. With DS2 I was a few points above cut off but declined the 3 hour and went right to the meter. Now with baby #3, just in the last few days I am getting that yukky feeling, I had when my #s were too high. My strips are expired but I might try them anyway just to see where I am. I know...
Totally come! I will PM you location once I get DS2 lunch ready!
Hello! Sorry you'll miss our open house! I personnally don't know Portland Leaders but this website has their contact info and meeting info: http://www.lllusa.org/MENH/Maine.html So looks like Portland meets First Wednesday of the month at 9:30 am Mary 799-2046 Ashley 773-6985 alasbury@gmail.com Good luck and hope you find a LLL meeting that fits your schedule! Linda
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