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We had our exemptions notarized at our credit union. Turned them in with each kid's registration info and it was no biggie. Would love to know your NP! We're still with a mainstream ped, but I'd love to find a more naturally, holistically-minded family practitioner. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
$1K/mo, family of 5, in Alaska. That includes all food, toiletries, HBA's, pet supplies, & eating out.
  Yes.  Also, homebirth or birth center transfers, babies expected to spend time in the higher level, more advanced NICU, etc.   According to these stats (from 2008) AK Regional actually had a 2% higher CS rate than prov, despite Prov's 3X+ (807 to 2714) more births:  http://www.theunnecesarean.com/blog/2010/4/24/alaska-cesarean-rates-by-hospital-2008.html       
I had two deliveries at Prov, 8 & 6 years ago.  Both were fantastic with regard to staff, amazing nurses, awesome LC's, utmost respect for my choices, etc.  The nursing boutique is awesome, too and even better than ever - those ladies are top notch.  I was never separated from either of my boys, I recall my DH going with both for their hearing exams - that was the only time they left my room.  I coslept with both of my newborns, in my hospital bed, with no raised...
Iams dry, free fed. Indoor only.
Quote: Originally Posted by mckittre Would a birth center take someone they didn't know showing up saying "Hi, I'm in labor now"? If so, can I have a few names of ones that might? I'm pretty certain they'd just refer you to the nearest hospital's L&D.
Can I join and jump in with my list? It's ridiculous. I have all this STUFF and still find myself thinking "we have nothing for dinner!" My inventory -- doesn't include the fridge, and I'm open to buying little odds and ends to complete meals! I just don't want to *really* go grocery shopping until we whittle down the stock on hand a bit, ykwim? Pantry: Rice Pancake mix oats pastas - bow tie, spaghetti, rotini, cheese tortellini dried beans: green split peas, black...
How long have you been homeschooling? This is our third year. How old are your children? 7, 4, 2 What grades would they be in? 2nd, pre-K Describe your homeschooling style in 5 words or less: Relaxed, eclectic, wholehearted, child-centered, life. What's your favorite book or piece of curriculum that you have for this year? Ambleside Online What outside activities are your children doing this year? Soccer, church small group, not sure what else yet...
You should have moved your vehicle immediately. You said so yourself. You ignored her. And then when you finally responded to her, you IGNORED her again -- by brushing her off and continuing to walk away after she told you to move. So. WWID? I wouldn't ignore someone who was saying, "Ma'am... ma'am... ma'am...?" I would have responded, told her I was just picking up my kids, said "Oh, gosh, I'm sorry - I didn't realize... would it be okay for me to get my littles...
We only use w/d, with 100% effectiveness so far, so your plan looks good to me!
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