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Okay, I hardly EVER have company over-AT ALL. Maybe once a year. I have a friend that I haven't seen in 10 years coming over tomorrow and I can't think of ANYTHING to serve them. I need something CHEAP and HEALTHY, no pork, no dairy. I want to give him a beautiful meal, as he has been thru alot lately (left a commune, wife left with him then went back, divorced him, left him with the children, almost 2yo and a 5 month old baby, single father, and unemployed.). He is a...
we only have one school aged girl across the street and she's mean, underhanded, worldly, crass, and dresses like a hoochie. She lies and has even stolen from me! She is only allowed over if I can be RIGHT there the WHOLE time. I new little 4 yo is moving in down teh street soon. I hope he's nice!
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