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My name is kinda boring (Shannon), but my lil ones are :Emmet Moon, Gus Star and Abe Kodiak. I would LOVE to name my daughter Juniper or Tree, if I ever have one. Abe was gonna be named Magnolia (Maggie) or Pearl Sunshine....I think it's so great for parents to give their child a beautiful nature-inspired name, if they want. Dh says if we ever have another boy we should name him Silas Birch.... Our family is SO against it. During my last pg I had to tell my mom to...
Emmet is like that. The one thing that works very well for him is if I say (in a very sweet voice)"Honey, I'm right here. I can hear you." I try say it while he's talking and not call attention to it. He immediatey lowers his voice without losing his train of thought. I think he's SO used to having to drown out his VERY talkative twin that he's become accustomed to near-shouting. He's also EXTREMELY energetic.....which adds volume to his voice!
I love "different" names and I know here at Mothering we have an INCREDIBLE assortment of beauiful names, but what I'm interested in is MAMAS and PAPAS. Did anyone of you grow up with an unconventional name? Did you like it? Were you teased? Long for something else? Grow into it?
It looks like ds will qualify for services thru Spec Ed and therefore they will take his twin as a role model. Anyone have any positive experience w/ Preschool Spec Ed? I tried to get the teacher to answer my questions, but she told me that *if* he qualified, she'd fill me in....
Now of course, we all agree that ALL chidlren are special, but I'm talking about children w/ special needs. I hate the labels.... anyway, Gus and Emmet were born 2.5 months premature. They had Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome and weighed only 2.9 and 1.13 lbs. Emmet has had 2 surgeries (another up-coming heart surgery as soon as Feb). He has been to the ER 5 times, and hospitalizd 2x for just getting a cold. Every cold makes me nervous. A simple case of the "sniffles"...
My guys totally dig: Pete Seeger Leadbelly Bob Dylan (esp the early stuff) Arlo Guthrie Jerry Garcia David Grisman anything w/banjos and mandolins and/or harmonica Carol King's really Rosie. Not Just for Kids is a far-out CD. I think kids dig bluegrass to those ugly synthesized crudd CDs anyday. They know real music when they hear it. Try Woody guthrie or Roscoe Holcomb.
I hope not, or I'm REALLY in trouble! I only wear a bra on special occasions!
I have no idea why. Anytime he wants something or tells me about something that he did he says "Emmet wants milk." or "When Emmet grows up he wants to work with Papa." It's starting to weird me out.... Is it a phase or cause for alarm?
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