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What a fantastic birth...please tell me-which midwife? Nina has made it to all of mine-only 1 of which was scheduled! You didn't mention Peter...was he there? I'm so happy for you! Isn't HHBC just the best? CONGRATULATIONS!!!!
happy c-births are possible! It takes some work to get there tho.
personally, for me, it's not worth the risk. I, without a doubt ,would consider suicide if my VBAC resulted in death due to rupture. That's totally just me, but when I was weighing the options I knew I just couldn't take the chance, but I did go on to have a WONDERFUL c-birth and I LOVE my lil' Addie Mae!
kinda OT, but wanting just mention that sometimes formula feeding is not a choice. I have tried to bf all 4 of my children and have never been able to make more than 3/4 of an ounce or so. I totally don't want to discuss this in here, I am just trying to spread awareness. The docs/mws/LCs can't figure out why I don't make enough milk, but I just don't. My babies become lethargic, juandiced, pass crytals, lose >12% body weight in 5 days, are bordrline hospitalization ( I...
I wish I had more time to contribute to this thread. I just wanted to say (again) that it took me 5.5 years and 4 children to finally make peace with my classical c-birth and that all my babies are born by c-birth. I have stopped feeling sorry for myself (not that you ladies are doing that! Just MY personal exp.) and have accepted it. I had a WONDERFUL birth exp. with Addie Mae 3 weeks ago. I also had to make peace witht he fac that for some unknown reason (poss. insulin...
you guys rock! love this discussion
She went from 7.8 to 6.9 in 6 days. She's finally up to 7 lbs now, (14 days old) but that's only with nursing AND bottlefeeding. I haven't had my thyroid checked. What does that entail? Bloodwork? How can you correct it? Maybe I should read your link first before i bombard you with questions!
New Posts  All Forums: