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Storm Bride - I am so sorry you have to go through this. So Very very sorry. I wish you the most beautiful experience it can be. I wish you the the most speedy recovery, and the healthiest, most beautiful baby. I will pray to the goddess of rainbows and butterflies to send something beautiful your way on the day that your baby is born, and you undergo the darkness and fear to bring forth the pure innocence and light of your new baby. Much love and compassion -- ...
I found this link over on Solace, and I liked it so much I wanted to share. http://www.glorialemay.com/blog/?p=74 I hope some of you will find it helpful.
OP- When I first read your story in our DDC, I was struck by how hard you tried, how long your labor was, and I was heartbroken thinking of how you transferred and ended up in the OR. I thought, there's no way I could have made it thru this without being really traumatized. And then I saw your post here a little later. I wanted you to know how much I want to reach out to you, to send you healing and love. Many of the things you described hit me very hard, especially...
Yes, I hear you. something similar happened to me, and I was so sickened by it, I couldn't sleep the rest of the night. It was HORRIBLE thinking that my baby might have died because I was too tired.
I am envious of this - I would have spent the money for it when my daughter the screamer was a baby. I did EVERYTHING to make her comfortable, and had every imaginable arrangement of props, rolled blankets, wedges, pillows, etc. It was scary thinking that my building skills were not safe .... but this, oh this would have been a godsend. http://www.napnanny.com/
That was so beautiful, and captured many of the things I was mulling over in my heart and head. You know GoGoGirl, your daughter was born on my son's due date.... And thanks to the moxi sticks, they will always have that link! (I burned one right before the version that successfully turned him).
HNB, What a gorgeous story, I am SO happy for you!!
I missed it the second damn day after. My partner is adamant about this one being our last, and it is so bittersweet. I hope the emotions surrounding everything lift soon, I am fighting tears every time I think that I will never feel some little person hammering away at my ribs from the inside again. I console myself by saying that in my next life I am marrying someone who wants 10 kids. And I am going to have all 10.
Oh woe is me, I had to cut out all dairy for my daughter... I so hated it. Yes, he has a red ring on his bum. Little blisters all over. I cannot get rid of it. I will have to try no dairy for a week. I love the wisdom I find here, even when it's not what I want to hear! ~sigh~
Isnt that an awesome title? But seriously, what wouild bring this on overnight in a 2 week old who had previously had mustard seed yellow? It's been here for 5 days now, and his fussiness has increased and sleeping decreased. His spitting up has increased and i wonder how much he actually keeps in. He will arch his back and scream when he is in a lot of discomfort. I don't have an overabundant supply or crazy letdown or anything. I tried block feeding anyway, one...
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