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She had her babies via c/s on Friday 11/16 at 11:27am.  They were small-ish (4 lb 12 oz and 15 lb 3 oz), but very healthy.   I need to check back and see how nursing is going since one of them was having a hard time.   Thanks for asking! --LEE
I have a doula client who is 36.5 weeks.  Pregnant with breech fraternal twins.  Her OB wants to do a c/s TOMORROW morning!   I need an OB I can take her to TODAY to get a second opinion and get this c/s at least delayed if not cancelled altogether.   PLEASE HELP!!!!!
I'm teaching a childbirth class, and 2 of the ladies need doctor rec's for North Houston. (Unfortunately, neither one is open to out-of-hospital birth) So, the first would like to birth at NW Med Center, and she lives near I-45 and FM 1960. The kicker is that she is 35 weeks pregnant and she just fired her OB, so she needs a new DR ASAP! The second lives near Antoine and Beltway 8 and she is new to Houston. Her insurance is through "Texas Child Medicaid" so it...
tootaloo - Please post a link. I NEED this info for a class I'm teaching!!! Thanks! --LEE
DD1 has always masturbated. It was quite a point of humor when she was potty training and we let her run around in a dress without panties/diaper. . . But now that she is five (May 2 birthday), I really think she needs to go to her room or at least have some sort of privacy. She lays on her stomach with her hands underneath her between her legs. She doesn't put her hands down her panties, so at least I don't have to worry about her needing to wash her hands...
I started Zoloft at 20 weeks with DD3. I went up in the third trimester (from 50 to 75mg). DD was a little blue at birth, and it took her a few minutes to pink up, but she was still PERFECT! I had a home birth with a MW. The MW had me hold the oxygen over her face for a few minutes to help, but it was not at all scary or anything. And, of course, it is quite possible that this had nothing to do with the Zoloft. I'm still on 100 mg (down from 150), but I'm...
Quote: Originally Posted by HeatherB I have VBACed twice with Sandra McDonald, and could not have had a better midwife. Very respectful of your desires, skilled in breech and multiples, and has been doing VBAC forever. She is listed out in Rosenberg, but does all home visits, so she would come to your friend for all appointments. I know several others do this, as well. It was so much easier! Sandra is listed on the houstonmidwives.org site. I...
http://www.bohemianphotography.com/ Jack is the best!!! We also used http://www.homeshadephotography.com/ for birth photography.
I've used Collabortive For Children when I've need to find childcare. They've got a great searchable database that includes all the licensed homes as well as centers. This might be a good place to start just to get an idea about your "competition." Good Luck!
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