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I had the condition for a year during my last year of college and I think it was either triggered by stress or stress made it worse because I was taking seven classes. Semester. It gradually faded away after I graduated. My doctor did bloodwork and an MRI and ever could find a reason for it. I joined a yahoo support group for it and I think we called the condition parosmia so you could search around for that. Let me know if you have any other questions. Sorry for the...
Saw that this was resurrected and wanted to say that my little guy is ten weeks old (time flies!) and the problem has self-corrected.
Have you seen all the reviews on Amazon of babies developing muscle tightness and flat heads from this? All those reviews scared me more than the mold problem. Too bad because I really wanted to get this.
Make sure you get one that reclines back flat or almost flat so you can put a newbie in it. Then it will also serve as a changing table in a pinch. I couldn't find a lightweight stroller with a big basket, but hanging a canvas bag off the handle to carry stuff works for me. Don't worry about cup holders and stuff because there are tons of aftermarket items you can add onto strollers. I have the chicco liteway plus and I love it. Do you have a car? I had the same...
Oh, and as far as safety, safety depends on you holding onto your baby while you are bathing her, good supervision, checking the temp of the water, etc. Not on the make and model of the tub.
We have the Pri Eurobath and we like it, but I'm sure any tub is fine or none at all if you have a bathtub you can use (we don't). Don't get the Graco Zooland swing. The motor is terrible and it barely even goes. Look for a swing that plugs in so it doesn't eat up a lot of batteries. Check Amazon reviews.
Thanks... I did try gripe water but it didn't seem to make a difference for him. I will try the probiotics.
Anyone have some advice on how to help a gassy baby? I have been bicycling his legs and that gets it out, but I wish I could prevent it from happening in the first place.
I have a 5 week old and I have been doing all of the above with him. I also have a yoga ball and I hold him while bouncing up and down and singing rhythmic songs or reading to him. He also enjoys laying on his tummy on the yoga ball while I hold on to him and gently roll it back and forth. He loves getting baths, listening to music, and being carried on our shoulder while we show him things. Eating, sleeping, and diapers take up most of the day and If I get a spare...
Nak. I use the lullaby stations on pandora. One album I like that comes up frequently on those stations is the Renee and Jeremy its a big world album.
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