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thank you everyone for your nice comments. here is my little guy.
snuggling my baby and just wanted to say congrats! can't wait to hear your story!
pm for story :)
Baby Ethan is here!  (nak) Ethan Lewis Nov 29, 2012  (38w6d) 4:59 p.m. 7lb 9 oz 18 3/4" I arrived at the hospital 10 cm dilated and pushing.  Next time I will just have a home birth!  I feel like the pain was very manageable.  He is such a sweet little baby and breastfeeding is going great and he will nurse in any position.  We nurse sidelying skin-to-skin at night and I get to snooze while he eats.  I will post more when I get the chance!  
I woke up this morning with lots of bright red bloody show.  I have been having AF-like cramps all morning.  I'm not sure if this could be it or not, but dh is staying home just in case :)
I think my baby will come on Dec 8.  Mainly because I read out the possible dates to him and that is the one he kicked on.   My guess for his weight is 7 lb 9 oz and length is 19" I think I'll wake up with contractions very early in the morning and continue laboring throughout the day and he'll be born that evening. I also am crossing my fingers for a redheaded baby boy because my dh has red hair! edit: I guessed his weight and length exactly right. also my labor went...
It hasn't come back in awhile, luckily.  I would like for the baby to turn first.  I think I also had braxton hicks with the back pain.
They say that it works best for men with low hormone levels so I think you guys have a good chance!
This.  I'm glad to know that my baby is ROT and labor might stall for me.  It means I will stay away from the hospital until after baby and my body have figured it all out so they don't label me failure to progress.
a la Spinning Babies.  http://www.spinningbabies.com/baby-positions/belly-mapping   And are you concerned about the position and doing anything to try and change it?   My little guy is ROT.        I've been trying to get him to at least go over to the other side by sleeping only on my left side.
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