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Quote: Originally Posted by fremontmama I love old book smell too : I'm reading Into the Wild right now, and he quotes Jack London quite a bit, makes me want to read Call of the Wild. Did you enjoy it kaliki_kila? I haven't read Into the Wild, but I saw the movie and it was so sad. I also read The Call of the Wild because it's been quoted or referred to in sooo many other books I've read, so I got curious. I think a dog-lover might like it...
64. The Call of the Wild by Jack London This book smelled so good - everyone needs to go to their library right now, find the oldest copy of Call of the Wild they have and just inhale. ahhhhh... old book smell. 65. The Coffee Trader by David Liss This one was a really good read, suspenseful, although it seemed like he got tired of writing and just dashed off the ending.
Quote: Originally Posted by friendtoall #30 The Fluoride Deception – This book isn’t exactly what I was expecting as it was mostly about fluoride in industry and how the dangers have been covered up for so long. It definitely did help me with my decision of whether or not to let my children use fluoridated toothpaste etc. Not worth the risk, imo. This sounds like something I should read. I have fluorosis in my teeth (white spots) due to the...
63. The Stolen Child by Keith Donohue This is about a young boy kidnapped by hobgobblins. He becomes one of the hobgobblins and lives in the forest with them and slowly forgets his true identity. He is replaced by a changeling and the book goes back and forth, following the kidnapped boy and the changeling who replaced him. Anyone who enjoyed The Book of Lost Things would like this one.
I think it depends what kind of fountain. We have fountains here that are the kind where water is shooting up from the ground, usually at different intervals, and those are there for the kids to run around in. But the bowl-shaped fountains... I bet kids aren't encouraged to play in those because they are there more to admire, not to swim in.
62. The Penderwicks by Jeanne Birdsall This was really cute. Loved that Batty.
Video intros to all the houseguests So far, I am liking Angie and Jerry.
Quote: Originally Posted by katheek77 She started going counterclockwise (left brain), but when I made my brain switch her to clockwise (right brain), she turned much more smoothly. I noticed that, too! When she is spinning clockwise, it is very fluid but when she spins counter-clockwise, it kind of pauses twice during the spin like it is trying to switch back the other way or something.
She is spinning clockwise (right-brain) for me. I can't make her go the other way. I'm going to show this to my dh later... I bet knowing him she will be spinning counter-clockwise. edit: Wait! I got her to spin the other way. I started doing division problems in my head and then she switched around, just like that! Neat! I guess for people who want her to spin clockwise, try thinking of adjectives for words or something else creative. edit: OK, now this is...
Don't want a Dyson. I am drooling over a Miele though.
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