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Does anyone have any experience with food poisoning while pregnant?  I must have eaten something bad yesterday, because I was up all night sick.  I'm starting to feel better and drinking liquids.  I'm worried about the baby after Googling around and I emailed my midwife.  He is moving a lot and very active and I haven't had any other symptoms.
It's nice to hear that I am not the only one so tired.  It's an allover exhaustion that I've never felt before.  It seems to go away when I am at work and busy and probably not thinking about it.  But when I am home, I just want to lay down and recover.  I was thinking iron, too, but it seems like I am getting enough iron in my diet.
I currently work for Head Start and have worked for NAEYC accredited preschools as well.  I have my B.A. in Child Development.  I don't believe children need preschool at all if they have a good home life where they are read to, play outdoors, help their parents cook, and all those other things that most good parents do with their children.  All of the studies I have read show that there is a very good benefit for children in families with a low socioeconomic status to...
This is so strange to read about all these daycares that don't have a no shoe policy.  I've worked in several different infant rooms at different centers and we always have a no shoe policy.  Most teachers wear socks or sometimes slippers.  We also have shoe covers available, and the parents have to take off their shoes or use shoe covers before entering the room.  We drop the no shoe policy once all the infants are walking.   When an infant puts a toy in their...
I just read a book called Breastfeeding Made Simple.  They talk about how the best way to breastfeeding is actually reclined or laid-back breastfeeding.  The baby is laying on top of you with the full weight of the baby's chest, abdomen, and legs resting against you.  This way all of the receptors in the baby's body that encourage sucking are activated.  The baby latches on and feeds while you have your hands/arms completely free.  Of course, I have never breastfed...
I thought I wasn't getting Braxton Hicks, but now that you all are talking about how contractions feel different for everybody, I wonder if I am actually getting them.  My menstrual cramps always feel like a crampy pain all the way down my left leg.  No idea why.  Maybe there are some crossed wires as far as how my brain is perceiving the pain.  I never feel any cramps in my uterus.  I have had that left leg pain a few times, so maybe it could be my Braxton Hicks...
Yeah!  I only have four more weeks of work before my maternity leave starts... crazy!  I am nesting and my dh is even more so.  I caught him scrubbing down the kitchen walls yesterday!    He keeps pacing around, talking about rearranging this and getting rid of that.  So excited for baby to be here!
Starbucks used to use the Swiss Water method, but they stopped doing that back in 2009.
I wedge a pillow behind my back when I fall asleep on my side.  I always wake up on my back, but the pillow is propping me up a little bit, keeping me from being flat on my back.
I was going to say the same thing.  I really want a pumpkin spice latte, and I was about to order it in decaf, but Starbucks doesn't use the Swiss water method and I don't want to drink decaf the way they do it.  I think it would be safer just to drink the caffeine unless you can find decaf coffee that was decaffeinated naturally and not with toxic chemicals.
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