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We decided to find out after all.  It's a girl, which I knew!  This is our 5th baby and I always just know the sex!  It totally amazes me because I don't consider myself an intuitive person in general.    Now to pick a name!  
Oh mama, you are so right.  Life is sometimes just SO SO unbelievably, horrible and unfair and hard.  It is not fair that you lost your sweet boy.  There is nothing you could have done to save him.  It makes no sense at all.    I think you did all those things, not only because you wanted to keep your son alive, but also because you thought it would make him happier and healthier while he was alive.  And, I believe that is true.    I am so so sorry for your loss. ...
I'm glad to know I'm not alone!   Leersia, I wish we had a Waldorf charter school!  I really love the Waldorf curriculum and we have done a lot of it in our homeschool.    Neldavi, I am also looking forward to not having to coordinate curriculum for my kids!   Miranda, That is good to hear that your older kids have done well and enjoyed school.  I always enjoyed school as a kid, so it is really kind of funny that I am so hesitant about it for my own...
I have 4 kids, with another one due on Halloween.  We've homeschooled off and on, but everybody has been home for the past 2 years.    Next fall, 2 of my kids, my 2nd grader and Kindergartener are going to school.  I'll have my 5th grader, 3 year old, and then new baby at home.    We applied to a few charter schools, and my Kindy boy got into a really good one.  The older 2 are each around 100 on the waitlist, so there is really no chance of them getting in for...
cute cute cute!!  I'll take a picture tomorrow!  
I feel the same as you guys, although it has been a bit better for the last 2 weeks or so for me.  That's about the time when I pretty much gave up on trying to act like a normal person.  If I feel really bad, even if it's only 9:30 in the morning, I get in bed.  I too have felt extreme relief that my 2.5 yo will sit with her brothers and sister and watch some tv!  I am trying not to, but I do feel guilty about not being very engaged with the kids.  It's just so hard...
I am so sorry.  
I think girl!  
I also always do 3 washes: 1st on "Sanitary" with 1/2 cap of sportwash, 2nd with vinegar, 3rd with nothing. 
I'm so sorry.
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