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Me!  My first was born in a hospital, but the next 3 were born at home.  The plan is for this one to be  born at home too.  I've already had 1 appointment with midwife!  I love her!   I've used the fishy pool twice and La Bassine once.  I liked them equally, so I'll probably go with the fishy pool again, for price.  My cat did pop the fishy pool last time, which ended up making my husband miss the birth (super quick birth!), so we'll for sure keep the cat out of the...
We will definitely use cloth!   For newborns, I really prefer infant prefolds, with a snappi under wool covers.  I am sure I will buy a few cute ones though, just for fun!     
I'm 11 weeks and definitely showing.  I usually show early and get a really really big belly, so this is normal for me.  People are already saying things like, "wow, I know somebody who is 7 months pregnant and looks just like you."  Thanks!  :)  I think having a big round belly is my favorite part of pregnancy, besides feeling the baby move, so I'm glad to have a big belly!  We should start a Belly Shot thread to share pictures!
I take 1/2 Unisom and 100 mg B6 before bed.  It helps.  It seems to take the edge off my misery.  I still feel bad, but somehow it is slightly less misery.    I haven't tried it taking it later in the day b/c I'm worried it will knock me out, and I've got 4 kids to take care of.  I wonder about it though b/c by lunchtime,  I seem to feel back to totally miserable.
I agree that there is definitely still a good chance your baby is fine!  I can't remember the exact dates, but I once had an u/s between 5-6 weeks and was not able to see a heartbeat.  That's my almost 5 year old, Rowan.    And, like another poster said, if you're feeling impatient, I'd ask about the 2 hcg draws too.    Thinking healthy baby thoughts for you!
I was 10 weeks on Thursday, yesterday.  I had an appointment with my midwife on Tuesday and we heard baby's hearbeat!  It took a while to find it.  We kept thinking we heard it for a second and then it would go away.  I drank a bunch of water though, and then we were able to find it for a good long while - 160 bpm.   I still am super exhausted and horribly nauseous, but I'm happier!
I'm so sorry for your loss.
Doesn't the bella band push on your belly though?  I can't stand anything remotely tight on my belly.
Congratulations!  I really, really hope your HG isn't as bad this time!  When does it usually start for you?
My belly has never been flat since my first baby, and yeah it definitely gets bigger, faster each time for me too.  I'm 8 weeks and my belly is not small.  If my boobs were bigger, maybe it wouldn't be so obvious, but what can you do?  LOL  I also can't stand the feeling of anything tight on my belly, so I am having a lot of trouble with clothing right now.
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