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I am a little bit over 5 weeks, and the nausea has really hit me today.  Ugh.    Pretty much ever since I found out, I have been really tired and just felt kind of out of it. 
Barbara Kingsolver is my favorite author.  I have loved everything I've read of hers.  Why is a hard question though!  I guess because though her books are really easy to read, they are also beautifully written and they always make me think of things in ways I hadn't before.
For us, the trick seems to be having sex the day of and/or after my temp spikes.
Me too!  I think my official due date is Halloween, but I always go at least a week late.  This will be our fifth, and last baby.  I am 5 weeks today and feeling more nauseous by the day.  Makes me feel like there really is somebody growing in there!  I swear, my belly is already poking out too, but then it probably was before I got pregnant! LOL   Oh, in case anybody sees this who knows me on facebook or in real life, don't mention it yet!
I would not find that at all funny, and I would not clean it up.  I have no problem with alcohol, in fact I quite like it, but if my husband was so drunk he shat his pants...  I would be pretty freaked out.
Hi Artemis!  The cabbage I made the other night was your "recipe" for buttery cabbage.  I've made it several times and love it so so much- so simple and so good!
I've never planned meals for a whole month at a time, but I'm going to try this month.    Every week, I want to have at least 1 meal with fish, at least 1 meal with an eggy main dish (from our chickens), at least 1 big salad meal, and at least 1 meatless meal.   Weekday breakfasts are cereal, yogurt, fruit, sometimes scrambled eggs, toast.  On weekends, we usually have a big breakfast one day.  Lunches are usually sandwiches, leftovers, quesadillas, and 1 day a...
My little sister and I went there for several years when I was little!    I'm 37 now, so it's been quite a while LOL  I have very fond memories of the place though.
We just got one for Christmas.  We thought a lot about it, but in the end decided it was worth the risk.  I posted about it on facebook and got a variety of responses.  One of my friends said (tongue in cheek), something along the lines of, "Yeah, too dangerous.  Better to buy them a 2 liter of Mountain Dew, a giant tv, and a bunch of video games.  They can stay inside and be safe all day!"    So far, we all love our trampoline.  The kids like it best when I jump...
I had great results with acupuncture and taking Chinese herbs, prescribed by my acupuncturist.    I hemorrhaged badly after my second baby (first homebirth).  I ended up passing out.  My midwives took good care of me though, trying lots of herbs and natural methods, but eventually giving me a shot of pitocin.    During my 3rd pregnancy, I had regular acupuncture.  I took Chinese herbs, in tea form usually through much of the pregnancy.  My acupuncturist also gave...
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