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I would play it by ear.  If he starts to bug you, then have somebody put him in another room.    At my last birth, my cat popped the birth pool!  She had her paws up on the edge and when my midwife tried to gently push her off, she put her claws in to hold on, and POP!  It was the top ring, so I sent dh to find some duct tape, and ended up having the baby when he was in the garage looking for it!  When he came back up, he said, "When I left, there were 2 people...
I'm having trouble posting, so sorry for the double post!   My next oldest will be in 1st grade in the fall, and I really want to keep her in a pretty traditional Waldorf curriculum for at least next year.  It will be hard though, because I know she'll be wanting to do what he does.  And, that is a large part of the beauty of TOG too- that it works for many age groups.  I think I'll have her follow along with history and science as much as she likes, but then do...
 ' I feel similarly.  My oldest is in third grade this year, and we are using a combination of Classical and Waldorf materials.  Next year, we will be moving even more towards Classical.  We are going to be using Tapestry of Grace, and I am really really excited for it.  I will still keep some Waldorf elements in his education, and surely in our home, but he will mostly be using Classical resources   .I          
and Bella Luna Toys!  
i like Mothering on facebook!    
For me, going from 0-1 was really really hard.  1-2 was not hard, and 2-3 was not hard, but 3-4 was really hard.  I think a lot of it has to do with the baby's temperament.  My 1st and 4th were both high needs, while 2 and 3 were not.
I really really like Little Acorn Learning.
Really enjoying this thread!
NCFOM has NOTHING to do with peer review, as it is not a group of peers but of "friends" of midwives.  Why should they have called for peer review?  If NC midwives have peer review, then I am sure there is a peer review in progress.    Where are you getting your information that there is no peer review in this case? 
I'm not against peer review, not at all.  But I am not a peer.  I am a mother and a supporter and friend of midwives, babies, other mothers, families....  So, my position is to support this midwife.  I would absolutely offer my support to the families as well, if they came forward and seemed to desire it.    I have a legal background, I was a lawyer before I became a mother, and I am a firm believer in "innocent until proven guilty."   What is the usual way that...
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