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If I were in your shoes, and I qualified for food stamps, I would get them.
Congratulations zjande!
Ours is $4/gallon, which is a bargain, I think!  It's not legal in my state, NC.  We get it as part of a co-op, provide our own jars and pick up every 2 weeks.   We also get eggs through this co-op for $2.75/dozen.  I don't know all their details, but they are at least fresh and local.  They're good, but not the very best I've ever had.
Ha!!!  My cat popped the top ring of the fishy pool at our last birth, and caused my husband to miss the birth!  My birth was going super fast and was super intense.  I had just gotten in the pool, and our cat put her paws up on the top ring, sort of check out what was going on.   Somebody (midwife, I think) sort of pushed her gently off, but she dug in and popped it!  I sent dh downstairs to find some duct tape, then almost as soon as he left I started pushing.  We...
I would love to have somebody come over for just a few hours a day.  I think I would mostly use them for household stuff, rather than childcare, but sometimes it would be nice to have the childcare too.
I wouldn't do it.  A year apart from my husband would be hard enough, but in a foreign country it would be even harder. 
we hold hands and say, Thank you for the world so sweet, thank you for the food we eat, thank you for the birds that sing, thank you God for everything. Amen.
I've had 3 homebirths.   First one was in the blow up pool in our family room.   Second one (in a different house) was in a blow up pool in the guest room.   Third one (same house as second) was again in a blow up pool in our bedroom.
I absolutely agree with the previous posters.  I have owned both Enki kindy/first and OM kindy and first.  Enki is truly beautiful, and truly a TON of work for the parent.  OM is less beautiful (for lack of a better term in the very short time i have), but FAR less teacher intensive.  We are just starting to use OM Kindy, and I really like it so far.  It is far from a true Waldorf curriculum, especially in that it does introduce letters and numbers in Kindy, but it is...
So, for Latin for Children, do you all use the whole bundle?  That seems so $$$$$.  I'm thinking of trying the Song School Latin for the rest of the year.  Is the monkey really annoying?  LOL   Cherrybomb, thanks for the science tips!
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